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Professional UV Pipe Relining Services in Wollongong

At Revolution Pipe Relining, we understand that customers in Wollongong want a reliable and effective solution for their pipe rehabilitation needs. That’s why we offer our state-of-the-art UV pipe lining service. Cured in place is a trenchless method of pipe lining that utilizes UV light technology to harden liners at a faster rate than the conventional heat, steam, and ambient curing process. Not only is it more efficient, but the minimal downtime associated with this process makes it an ideal choice for residential and commercial customers alike. 

We are equipped with cutting edge UV-based technology that allows us to rehabilitate small to large diameter pipes. So, let our experts at Revolution Pipe Relining help find the right underground pipe solution for you.

The Advantages of Our Wollongong UV Pipe Relining Solutions

Wollongong residents looking to repair their damaged drains and pipes now have an easier and more efficient option with Ultraviolet pipe relining technology. This advanced technique offers a variety of benefits over traditional methods, making it the ideal choice for any relining project. Here are some of the advantages of using Revolution Pipe Relining’s UV relining in Wollongong. 

Faster Curing Times 

One of the biggest advantages of our Wollongong UV relining process is that it cures much faster than traditional pipe relining methods. This means that projects can be completed faster and with less disruption to your daily routine. In addition, since UV pipe relining does not require as much preparation as traditional methods, you can save time and money on the overall project. 

Less Water and Fuel Consumption 

Another benefit of choosing our UV technology for relining is that it uses fewer resources than traditional heat-cure processes. This includes both water and fuel, making it an eco-friendlier option for any Wollongong drain or pipe repair project. As a bonus, this also translates into savings on your overall cost since fewer resources are needed to complete the job. 

Greater Versatility 

The ability to use UV light makes it possible to use this method for vertical as well as horizontal pipes, something that was not always possible with traditional heat-cure methods. This makes it easier to access even difficult-to-reach areas, giving you better results in less time than ever before. Additionally, because there are no temperature parameters associated with this process, you don’t need to worry about potential water ingress issues like you would with traditional methods.  

Minimal Downtime 

One of the biggest advantages of using our UV relining process at Revolution Pipe Relining is that there is no need to dig trenches or excavate large areas to access and replace the broken pipes. Instead, all that’s required is an access point. This means that we can get your pipe rehabilitation project done with minimal downtime and disruption to your daily life or business operations.

Affordable Pipe Rehabilitation 

The cost associated with UV pipeline relining is a fraction of what you would pay for traditional replacement methods while still meeting all necessary legislation standards. All materials used during the UV relining process conforms to current legislation requirements so you can rest assured knowing your project will be safe and compliant with local laws.

Our UV Pipe Relining Process in Wollongong

Our UV pipe relining process in Wollongong is a modern and efficient process that repairs failing pipes without the need for excavation. This process uses an ultraviolet-activated resin to line the inside of a damaged pipe and create a strong new pipe with high-durability and strength characteristics. Here at Revolution Pipe Relining, our UV pipe relining service involves the following steps:

Step 1 – To begin, two access ports are created on both ends of the failing pipe. If necessary, installers can press the liner into position in cases where there are no two access points present. 

Step 2 – Once the access points have been made, a fibreglass-reinforced liner is inserted into the sewage or drain pipe and treated with UV resin. 

Step 3 – Air bladder is filled with air and then pushed or dragged into position until it covers the entire length of the pipe that needs to be relined. The resin is activated using UV lights to cure it, creating a new pipe with high-strength characteristics that are long lasting and durable. 

Step 4 – After curing, excess material is removed from both access points before they are connected back together again using mechanical couplings or compression fittings depending on the size of the pipes being joined together as well as their material specifications.  

Step 5 – Finally, a pressure test is conducted to ensure that all connections are watertight before it is ready for use again. 

Revolution Pipe Relining has been serving Wollongong for more than 40 years with reliable and trustworthy UV relining solutions. We make sure that your project is only worked on by industry professionals, so you have the peace of mind knowing it will be done right. Our team possess extensive experience with the latest trenchless technology, ensuring that your job gets done quickly, professionally, and safely. Our estimates are free of charge, so don’t wait – get in touch today and see why Revolution Pipe relining should be your first choice for UV services in Wollongong.


How Does UV Pipe Relining Work?

It’s quite simple really. After the liner has been installed into your pipe line the uv light is inserted right to the end of the pipe work then pulled back through the pipework by a computer controller until the entire line has cured.

That’s it done… in minutes not hours.


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