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In many cases, the old plumbing technique of digging up and replacing your Sewer or Stormwater drains is null and void. This is because they might be beneath things like your house, verandah, the street, paved areas, driveways, beautiful gardens, pools, ponds, trees etc. The cost to dig up, demolish and replace these items will generally far outweigh the pipe relining cost. Not to mention the time frame and inconvenience of having your plumbing services disconnected and yard pulled apart. We specialise in creating a new stronger pipe, within your existing pipeline in a fast and efficient manner.


The reason you generally need pipe relining services in Sydney is because your drainage pipes are cracked or broken and full of tree roots. The tree roots generally grow into the section where each pipe is joined together. When we reline pipes with our revolutionary system, there are no joins for the tree roots to enter which is what makes this technology far superior to dated plumbing techniques. Plus the material is much stronger than Earthenware and PVC pipes.


All of the liner and resin on our jobs are purchased from RSM Lining Supplies. This is by far the biggest and highest regarded trenchless pipe relining supplier in the world! All of their relining products are made in either Germany, France or the UK and are 100% Australian watermarked approved and meet with AS/NZ3500 regulations.

RSM liner and resin is far superior to other brands available in Australia and is 5 times stronger than PVC pipe! In this video, the Revolution Pipe Relining Sydney team are sewer pipe relining a 100mm pipeline that is made up of earthenware and PVC sections, watch to the end of the video to see the PERFECT finished result. These materials are also capable of lining cement pipe and cast iron pipe relining.

Our Easy 'Disruption Free' 4 step Sydney
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Visit the property, film and record the stormwater or sewer drain, thoroughly inspect exactly where the pipes are running and ask you a series of personal and property related questions as these are both very important factors that need to be known before trenchless sewer relining.



The next step is to study the video and all other information gathered at the property. With this information, we will submit a free quote offering the best permanent solution plan so you never require blocked drain cleaning again. Now that you know what’s involved and the pipe relining cost, the final decision is up to you.



Our highly trained and specialised team will reline the damaged pipes whilst causing little to no disruption to your family, staff, neighbours etc. In many cases, drain pipe relining can be completed within 1 day.



A member of the Revolution Pipe Relining team will return annually (FOR FREE) and perform a CCTV Pipe Inspection with a drain camera in order to monitor our pipeline relining work and ensure there are no problems.

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If you check the frequency of blocked drain visits from your plumber you will see that his visits are getting closer and closer together. This is because tree roots act exactly like a plant, every time you cut a plant it grows back thicker and stronger, this is exactly what is happening in your drains. If you add together the cost of visits from your plumber, the extra fees for emergency after hours blocked drains and calculate the rising price due to global inflation you will probably work out that in the next 10 years you with spend $3500 – $20000 on your drains (depending on root intrusion severity) and they still will not be fixed. After doing the maths, this is why the smarter 26% of property owners are biting the bullet and selecting the permanent solution which is pipe relining in Sydney.


This free report will give you 8 powerful points of information to help you select the right company to do your relining and how to ask the right questions about their service and policies.


    This is the first step to never.. ever… having to deal with A blocked or broken drain again! 

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    Most Frequent Questions

    Pipe Relining also famously known as CIPP or ‘cured-in-place pipe’ lining is a widely used trenchless method for drain repair restoration. It has been used for decades in several countries for sanitary sewers and stormwater drains.

    The key feature of this method is its ability to repair the pipe in question with limited or no excavation, fast, and simplified installation. What this means is timely pipe repair while avoiding risky and laborious trench works that are usually associated with an old-fashioned repair such as street closure, landscape destruction, building demolition, traffic jams, and other environmental repercussions which can be costly to correct. The drain relining takes place inside the aging or damaged drain pipes, and produces a seamless, jointless, in most cases, a more durable, equivalent to a completely brand new drain pipe. Stormwater and sewer Pipe relining in Sydney is suitable for both residential and commercial properties. 

    There are many steps required in pipe relining that give a clear and accurate guide to plumbers to ensure a successfully relined drain pipe. Drain relining works effectively because of the meticulous steps it employs below.


    • CCTV Inspection – First is to inspect the damaged pipe to determine the current condition. The process is done by feeding through a small drain camera down into  the drain to perform a CCTV Pipe Inspection to get a close view of the existing pipe to locate leaks, buildups, open joints, root intrusions, and other blockages, to assess where the repair needs to take place. Doing this will allow the plumbers to conclude the type of materials and solutions to be used.


    • Cleanout – The next process is the cleanout process which involves multiple steps. First, the drains are cleaned from blockages using a high pressure water jetter. Root cutting jobs are tricky and need a variety of cutting tools to undertake the toughest job, especially when dealing with tree root intrusions. Then a Picote cutter is used cut through any solid obstructions the water jetter could not remove and also to roughen the surface to prepare it for drain relining. Lastly, the plumber uses a high-pressure water jetting machine to finish up the cleaning process and ensure a smooth surface, ready for relining. Before initiating the stormwater or sewer pipe relining, a final check is performed in the drain using a CCTV Pipe Inspection camera to ensure no more buildups are present.


    • Installation – Installation is initiated by first determining the length of the lining material needed. A felt or fibreglass liner/sleeve/sock is then saturated with a resin-mixture and inserted into the drains. The resin mixture is evenly distributed on the entire length to ensure absolute cohesion between the outer part of the liner and the inner wall of the existing pipe. The cohesion process is meticulously done since the success of the installation heavily relies on the cohesion integrity to the original pipe.


    • Curing process  – The installation step is followed by the curing process. This step can take hours if an ambient cure option is chosen or can be sped up by using our hot water boiling system. The liner then cures in time and once hardened, creates a new stronger pipe within the old pipe. 

    Final CCTV inspection – Probing the success of the installation is very important to ensure pipeline work was a success. To conclude the process, plumbers perform a final camera inspection to ensure the liner has landed in the correct location and have cured properly with no errors.

    Pipe relining cost varies based on the key variables such as the diameter of the pipe, the difficulty of the job, the length of lining needed or how extensive the damage, and accessibility. Every major plumbing works comes with a price tag. At an average, pipe relining cost in Sydney in an average household can run between $3,000 to $15,000 but can go lower or higher depending on the variables mentioned. Compared to the traditional dig-and-repair method, pipe relining costs are still relatively cost-effective because excavation works are not necessarily required. Excavation makes the job pricey because it demands other major work needed to complete in order to begin the work. That means costs can double up when paths, streets, utilities, or driveways lie above the damaged pipe.


    Replacing or restoring these ground-level fixtures can run regular pipe repair costs as high as approximately $25,000, if not more, for a single job. In these instances, the cost of trenchless pipe relining remains the same due to limited or the absence of excavation. 


    Overall, the total repair costs entirely lie on the amount of job needed and the key variables. The best thing to do is to contact a trenchless pipe repair expert in your community to determine the repair cost.

    There are different types of resins used in pipe relining, but epoxy is widely used for households because it’s safe. It does not contain a harmful or strong fume. Epoxy resin also has chemical resistance and is highly impenetrable to root intrusion and other pipe problems that exist on standard metal pipes.


    Most curing agents mixed on epoxy resins have toxicity percentage, but it takes quite an excessive amount for it to cause harm. With an efficient pipe cleaning, accurate installation and thus a good resin cohesion, stormwater and sewer pipe relining is proven safe.


    It is also an environmentally process as there is zero to minimum excavation meaning there is no damage to animal ecosystems, plants and trees.

    Sewer and stormwater pipe relining methods centre around the liner material and the resin selected. Different types of pipe liners like fiberglass & felt can be used, but they need to be paired with the appropriate resin to suit that specific installation. Decisions need to be made by the installer if a structural or non structural liner and resin is tobe used based on the condition and location of the host pipe, selecting the correct materials equates robustness and stability over a long period.


    On the other note, epoxy and silicate resin has chemical resistance and is highly impenetrable to root intrusion and other pipe problems that exist on standard metal pipes. Root invasion is the most common cause of sewer pipe issues. As it matures, roots can make their way to the sewer pipe and will cause damage. Epoxy and Silicate resin is highly impenetrable, hence, invulnerable to root invasions. All of these suggest that roots and other types of elements flushed down on the relined pipes will never stand against it. On top of it, epoxy and silicate pipe resin comes with a lifespan that stretches well over 50 years; this doubles the lifespan of the existing pipe.

    Just like a tangible product, plumbing services need to provide unique customer benefits to quantify whether or not you are getting value out of it. When it comes down to it, getting the right mix of quality, guarantees, benefits, and costs are paramount to satisfied customers. The list below highlights the benefits you can take advantage of when you reline your pipes.


    ✓ Best value for money

    In most cases, the extra cost involved in the excavation is what makes it very costly. Pipe Relining in Sydney is a dig-free method, hence any possible additional cost is avoided.


    ✓ Minimal to zero environmental impact

    Environmental stress is normal when working with underground pipes in the traditional sewer repair method. With drain relining, these are likely avoided given the fact that plumbers only need a single access point to reach the damaged pipe. That implies reduced potential environmental damage expected when working around trenches.


    ✓ Stretches the lifespan of your pipe

    Relined pipes are more efficient and far more durable than the existing pipe, even the new types of pipes nowadays. It can endure any ground conditions and has no risk for root intrusions. Revolution Pipe Relining offers a LIFETIME product guarantee on installations in Sydney, which makes it an ideal option for pipe repair over the dig-and-replace method which only has a guarantee of a few years.

    There are  many reasons you should consider Revolution Pipe Relining, but i’d like to outline a few main points:

    Our Team:

    We are a family owned company run by Chris Young & Darrell Young who are a nephew and uncle combination. We both have extensive experience in pipe relining solutions and running a business. So not only will we do an extremely good job for you, the whole process will be dealt with in a professional manner leaving you a very satisfied customer. Just check some of our 5 star pipe relining reviews to see what others had to say about their experience with Revolution Pipe Relining.

    As for our staff, after a combined 35 years of running businesses we are well aware that having good staff makes or breaks your company. Therefore, we have an extremely strict hiring process and only hire the best tradesman and apprentices in Sydney. We currently operate a small skilled team 5 including 3 tradesmen (including the owners) and 2 apprentices, so there is a good chance a company owner will be performing the relining works at your property.

    Were Honest:

    One of the first things you will notice in your experience with us is that we are completely honest, ethical and very knowledgeable about relining sewer and stormwater pipes. 

    We will tell you straight up if we think that a pipe relining service is suitable for you and give you a fair price to do the job correctly to the Australian Standard.

    If you have already had another quote and didn’t 100% trust another pipe relining company, then give us a call and you will very quickly see the difference between us and the doggy companies who try to suck every last cent out of you.

    Products We Use:

    We purchase all of our Liner and Resin from RSM Lining Supplies. RSM is highly regarded as the best pipe relining supplier in the world due to their extensive range of high quality products.

    Pipe relining is not a one brand fits all approach. Different liners and resins need to be used in different scenarios. Some pipelines need rock solid strength, some need flexibility, some need to be structural. So after a thorough inspection of your pipeline, we choose the very best liner and resin to permanently repair your problem.


    We have complete confidence in the products we use and the way our team installs them which enables us to offer an unmatched Lifetime Guarantee, which is equivalent to 50 years!!

    You will notice that this is 15-35 years longer than most other pipe relining companies in Sydney. In my opinion their short guarantee periods do not show much confidence in the products they use or in their installations techniques.

    What are you waiting for?

    Would you like to have a chat? Call 1300 844 353, you will speak directly with company owner Chris.

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