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Check out our plumbing family tree:

Here is a bit of history on our plumbing family tree:


Darrell is a 3rd generation plumber. His father Barry is still a plumber and this is who Darrell did his apprenticeship with many years ago. 

Darrell has been plumbing for 30 years and has worked on all aspects of plumbing over the years including Maintenance, Commercial, new cottages, renovations and pool plumbing. However the last 20 years he has focused on maintenance plumbing and pipe relining the last 10 years.

Experience relevant to Revolution Pipe Relining:

Pipe Relining: 14 Years

Blocked Drain Clearing: 34 Years

CCTV Camera Inspections: 22 Years

Drain Replacement & Restorations: 34 Years


Chris is a 4th generation plumber. His father Greg is still a plumber and this is who Chris did his apprenticeship with, he also worked for Darrell on and off over the years.

Chris has been plumbing for 12 years and has primarily worked on maintenance and new cottage plumbing. However most of his time was focused on maintenance plumbing and is now 100% focused on pipe relining.

Experience relevant to Revolution Pipe Relining:

Pipe Relining: 7 Years

Drain Replacement & Restoration: 16 Years

Blocked Drain Clearing: 16 Years

CCTV Camera inspections: 16 Years

Now that you know about our family plumbing history, I’m sure you will agree that plumbing is literally in our blood. You should now have faith that we can successfully complete any Pipe Relining or plumbing job put in front of us. No jobs are too big or small, we can reline anything from kilometres of pipe under a new road tunnel to a small patch on a residential sewer line.

Now with our experience, we would like to help you solve your drain problems forever!


Our workmanship


As we have been trained in the family since Earnest Young started plumbing in 1920, we ensure that all the tips and tricks have been passed on through the family for the past 100 years. No boss will care for you or train you as well as your father. We take pride in our work and only settle for perfection. You can have full confidence with our workmanship and be assured your pipes are in very good hands.

Our Products


Just like how we only settle for perfection in our workmanship, we only settle for the best Pipe Relining products and equipment available in the world. Pipe Relining is relatively new in Australia, but has been in other countries since the ’70s. So with extensive global research and product testing many different resins and liners we are 100% confident we are using the worlds best, durable, long lasting products in our clients drains. All of our products are manufactured in Germany and the UK.

Our Guarantee


There is another reason we only settle for the best products in the world.. It allows us to be able to offer a LIFETIME Guarantee on all relined sections. Now there is only 1 way a company can offer a LIFETIME guarantee and that is with having total confidence in their products and service.

We are trustworthy

We are a family owned company and very  trustworthy. We will give you a fair quote, stick to our price and do the best possible job for you. Give us a call or we can come to visit you so you can judge our character for yourself. 

So now that you know about us, we want to know about your drains….


Our added bonuses


– Free Annual CCTV Drain Camera inspection to monitor our work.

– We will beat any equivalent quote! As we buy our materials in bulk we can pass on the savings to you. We also own all of our equipment so will not be passing on leasing fees to you.

– Reline Now, Pay Later. Interest free finance plans available with Zip Money.

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