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As much as I love Pipe Relining, and truly believe that it is a revolutionary plumbing technique, it is not always the most suitable option for fixing your drains.

Now you may think I’m crazy in telling you this as we specialise in pipe relining, but I am here to help you make the correct decisions on a quote and would rather know you received the correct solution rather than paying for a service you potentially did not need. If your damaged pipes are running directly under the grass, with good soil conditions, no large trees covering them and are not too deep, there is a good chance that digging up the pipes and replacing them is going to be a more affordable option than pipe relining. Whenever we feel it’s cheaper to replace the pipes in comparison to relining, we will also quote you on this service if you are happy to have trenches dug on your property.

Not sure where the pipes are running?

Don’t worry you’re not alone, most homeowners don’t know either. To help determine if the pipes are running under an area that would be cost effective to excavate, you can find out by checking your sewer diagram. If you don’t have one we can arrange this for you for only $35, it’s a very small investment that could save you $1000’s if you were to choose the wrong drain repair service. This is something you need for your house anyway, it will come in handy for future plumbing/building works. If this interests you just email info@revolutionpiperelining.com.au with your address, some information on the job and ask for a Sewer Diagram.

Don’t know the depth of pipework?

No worries, there are a few options you can choose here. First option is to remove the inspection lids where plumbers normally access the pipeline, then look down with a torch. If you want an exact measurement you can push a tape measure down to the bottom of the pipe. If it’s a sewer drain, watch out! As the tape measure may come back dirty! The depth in this location does not mean everywhere will be the same depth, but it may give you a guide. If you would like us to come and check the depth and show you in person for free then Book a free inspection here. We will insert a drain camera into the pipeline to the locations that need replacing/relining. The camera head is fitted with a sonde, which we can locate and get an exact depth and location of the pipe.

Not sure on the soil type?

We can also check this for free if you want. But to give you a quick idea, good soil is easy to dig up. Bad soil is when it is difficult, like clay soil for example.

What if it turns out best to dig up and replace pipes?

We have you covered! We have found that there are many plumbing/pipe relining companies quoting property owners for Pipe Relining when it’s really not necessary. So to combat this we have a Traditional Pipe Replacement Team (Dig Up team) and a Pipe Relining Team. Our Dig up team is replacing pipes 5 days per week that would have otherwise been relined by other companies at a much higher pipe relining price.

Here is a list of scenarios when
Pipe Relining is a much better
option than the digging up:

The damaged pipework:

  • Is below a concrete slab like your driveway, footpath (one you care about) or patio.
  • Is below a beautiful landscaped garden that you don’t want to destroy.
  • Is below a building.
  • Is below a heritage tree.
  • Is below a pool or pond.
  • Is below or close to a structural fence or retaining wall.
  • Is extremely deep and would be a difficult or risky dig up.
  • Is below something that would cost far more to dig up and destroy than the job is worth. Is below the street and you would need to pay a road closing fee and have traffic control. Is on a steep block of land.
  • Is a deep boundary trap or shaft.

Other Reasons

The job is time-sensitive, if you want it done fast whilst causing little to no disruption to your family, staff or neighbors. Eg If it’s a strata job at an apartment block or townhouse complex. Too many people will be affected by digging up. It may take weeks, there will be trenches and piles of dirt everywhere, possibly footpaths and driveways cut open or blocked off and many people being unable to use their sewer line. We do strata pipe relining jobs on a weekly basis as it saves a lot of disruption to all occupants. 

OR if you simply don’t want tradesmen at your house for days/weeks longer than it would take if you were to reline the pipes.

Contact us on 1300 844 353 or the button below to arrange a free inspection and to find out if pipe replacement or pipe relining is a better option for you.

Still undecided?

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Most Frequent Questions

Pipe replacement pertains to a physical plumbing process of removing and changing old and broken pipes in your plumbing structure. Usually, if existing pipes are no longer repairable due to wear and tear, rusting, leaking, severe clogging, and many more, pipe replacement is your best solution.

In general, pipe replacement allows the replacement of old clay, terracotta, earthenware sewer, storm water pipes, and in some cases, galvanized pipes that are commonly installed in homes built before the 60s. Since water can trigger rusting and corrosion on galvanized pipes, which also causes water impurity, pipe replacement is highly recommended by plumbing experts. Pipe replacement also ensures you that the water flow and pressure is satisfactory, avoiding any inconvenience for you, your family, and your business.

Pipes for home and commercial plumbing are built to last, but in most cases, especially if you live or own an old property, you may have pipes that are already worn down or are prone to breaking and leaking, congestions, and more! 

Since repiping or pipe replacement can be a huge task, it is recommended to turn to professionals like the Revolution Pipe Relining team and ditch the idea of doing DIY. With our state-of-the-art tools and equipment, plus materials imported from Germany and the UK, we can guarantee you a pipe solution that can ascertain consistent water flow and pressure, water purity, and a piping system to last you more than 50 years. 

Revolution Pipe Relining offers pipe relining services where you won’t have to worry about damaging your beautiful landscape to reach the damaged pipe. WIth our modern technique, we build a pipe within your old pipe. So no need to worry about old pipe disposal, post-repair rehabilitation, and will surely save you more time and money than your traditional repiping method.

Pipe replacement or repiping offers many benefits, such as improved plumbing efficiency and home safety. However, the most significant advantage that you can get from pipe replacement is the peace of mind obtained by being worry-free about a significant plumbing malfunction. You won’t also have to spend thousands of dollars and time refixing your troublesome pipe system.

Safety is the main reason people opt for pipe replacement or repiping over repairing old and broken pipes. Pipes with considerable damage can cause harm to your home or business and, above all, your health. Sewer Pipes can carry rust, most, and other particles into your water.  In addition, contamination of water is highly inevitable. By getting the best Pipe Relining in Sydney services like Revolution Pipe Relining, you can ascertain that those risks will be taken off of your plate and keep your plumbing healthy over the years to come, especially your family.

Efficiency is another big pro to pipe replacement. Repairing pipes is sometimes okay if the issue is minor and can be quickly fixed. However, often the repair doesn’t last, and the problem will return. A great example of this is a small leak in a pipe. Chances are, it can be patched easily. However, that patch will probably not hold forever and will need to be re-addressed as it can worsen over time. It will also continue to wreak havoc on your water bills. Thus, replacing them is much more efficient in the long run.

Additionally, repiping using the pipe relining method can be done in a single day, with minimal to no digging required. This means that a plumber can quickly fix the issue without damaging your property, and you will no longer have to be troubled by the same pipe nightmares anymore.

In most cases, symptoms of broken pipes are not as apparent as you might think. This is why many homeowners let issues with their pipes gradually worsen and, later on, realize that repair has been long overdue and have no choice but to spend on costly and time-consuming maintenance.

If you are familiar with the signs of pipe damage beforehand, you can get a plumber in your home to make the simple repairs long before you end up with an enormous bill.

Here are the signs that your pipes are bad and calling for rescue:

– Outrageous water bill

– Rumbling sound near your water main

– Unpleasant sewer gas odor

– Clanging and grinding of pipes

– Poor water pressure

– Poor water quality

– Puddles of water, damp drywall, or ceiling

If you have any of the above signs, it’s time to call professionals offering Pipe Relining Sydney services like the Revolution Pipe Relining team and get your free inspection immediately.

Nothing lasts forever, even in plumbing pipes in your properties. Luckily, the majority of the pipe materials used in pipe manufacturing deliver their purpose well for decades despite being under constant pressure, making them wear faster than drain lines. This chart will help you determine if your home’s plumbing lifespan is adequate or if your water pipes are already calling for rescue.
Supply Pipes (these are pipes that are ​​under constant pressure and are most likely to cause water damage when they leak) Brass Copper Galvanized Steel 40-70+ yrs 50+ yrs 20-50 yrs
Drain Lines Cast iron Polyvinyl chloride (known as PVC) 75-100 yrs Indefinitely
The average cost for pipe replacement or repiping is between $1,500 to $15,000, or higher depending on the plumbing company you hire and the extent of pipe damage. That means that it falls around $4.50 per square foot for plumbing in new construction. New water pipe installation projects in residences are bid by the fixtures being installed or replaced— not by the square foot, unlike commercial plumbing that can cost you anywhere between $4 to $10 per square foot. Here’s an estimate for a clear idea regarding the plumbing costs.
Kitchen plumbing $1,600 – $3,200
Washer $600 – $1,600
Bathroom plumbing $1,500 – $4,000
Water Heater $600 – $1,600
Dryer/Stove/Furnace $1,800 – $4,800
***Your total plumbing can vary depending on the location of the pipes are located, the number of bathrooms you have, or if you require a complete repipe or just a visible repipe.


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