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Over the years, when sewer pipes reach the end of full-service life, plumbers and property owners don’t have any other choice but to allow trenching and digging holes to happen to undertake pipe repairs. There was neither a way to inspect the pipe for defects before the repair needs to take place. With that, we’re left with some guesswork to do about the location of the problem which often leaves us physically digging up the entire pipe to see the damages and implement the fix. This technique is far less ideal, generally invasive and costly. But, despite these drawbacks, many property owners still think that up until now this is the only option they can resort for pipe repair. Fortunately, with Trenchless Pipe Relining, the invasive and costly pipe repair are replaced with a far more perfect method.

What is Trenchless Pipe Relining?

For a long time, many methods, tools, and technologies have been used to execute plumbing repairs. Most of these methods and technologies have evolved significantly reducing the cost and shortening the process to repair defective pipes; that is one of the advantages of this trenchless pipe relining Sydney method. Unlike the traditional pipe repair, trenchless sewer relining doesn’t require digging to access the pipe for repair. Instead, a felt-tube liner made of fibreglass is fed through the defective pipe and is allowed to cure inside; this creates a jointless, seamless, more durable and efficient pipe that works like brand new. With these in mind, you’re guaranteed with a trenchless sewer line replacement cost that is far less cheap than the traditional method.


Sewer pipes are prone to defects because they are lying underground – subject to the environmental and ground condition that cannot be seen, and other aspects that are overtime detrimental to its physical capability. Hence require repairs and replacements at a regular basis or as soon as it’s required. Defects can range from low water pressure, simple leaky faucets, blocked drain, to more complex issues that are not easy to rectify without specialized tools and skills, like pipe bursting and tree root intrusion. With this Sydney relining solution, where pipes start to show signs of defects, it can be easily fixed head-on by relining. Great savings for you than when you wait for your sewer to completely collapse. 

This video will show you the detailed Trenchless pipe relining process we undertake and how wonderful your drain will look and function after relining.

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Blocked drain – One of the most obvious signs and symptoms of a damaged sewer are toilets water backing up, bathroom not draining away at all, green lush patches in your gardens, stagnant water, or water pooling under your sink; these happen when your sewer has buildups or tree roots blocking the flow of the water. When these situations are allowed for a long time, these can put pressure on the pipe and eventually make it collapse. Clearing the blocks may make the sewer pipe get back up and working, but where leaks, gaps, and disconnected joints have already occurred down the line, trenchless sewer line installation is the only sensible solution that will make the sewer work in full functionality again.

Unpleasant smell – Some foul smell may occur before any visual signs of sewer problems. These can include smell from your kitchen, bathroom or in the laundry. Unusual sewer smells are not something to ignore as they are hazardous. Without visual signs, most property owners may automatically assume it must come from the toilet, but problems can hide in your other fixture where P-traps could be blocked. These smells are results of buildups that begin to release a sewage smell from bacteria and decomposing debris. The bacteria exude a sticky element that allows them to adhere to the side of your pipes and can be tricky to remove without specialized tools and skills. Trenchless sewer line replacement can fix this problem.

Soggy patches and greener grass in the yard – Sudden sloppy patches on your yard could imply a leaking sewer line. You may observe raised, moist patches near the areas where your pipe is located. Also, if it’s out of the blue healthy and green especially above your plumbing pipes, it means that the waste is seeping from a break or crack that usually acts as a fertilizer. Relining the pipes can seal these cracks and breaks and make it jointless and seamless again.

Old plumbing – Ancient houses are built with an old plumbing system unless a recent upgrade was done. Old plumbing consists of cast-iron pipes that corrode over time; this is because sewers running through the pipes can build up hydrogen sulphide gas element, which creates sulfuric acid when oxidized; this is the most common cause of corrosion. Corrosion is a progressive process that causes thinning of the pipe’s inner and outer layers, ultimately reducing the structural integrity of the sewer pipe. When this is allowed to continue, internal pressure can produce cracks, leaks, and will cause the pipe to rupture. Moisture-rich areas are especially vulnerable to premature corrosion. Trenchless pipe repair Sydney method can make your old plumbing work perfectly again without digging up your old pipe.


Many variables determine the relining costs such as the pipe size, length, pipe accessibility, materials used, etc. but to give you a general overview a homeowner will generally pay $450 – $1000 per lineal meter for sewer relining when inversion method is required. That means, the more severe the damage, the complex the issue, the more it can get costly. That is why we recommend relining the pipes as soon as the problem arises; before it can create damage to your property and cost you more.


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    A plumbing system is a complicated network of vent pipes, sewer pipe, drainpipes, and more. Because it is a complex and one of the most expensive systems to fix or install in a property, it pays to ensure it is working in full-functionality all the time. Our team has all the tools, technologies and skills always ready to make your plumbing system back to business. So, if you’re better off without sewer problems for decades, choose what’s best and right for you!


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