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Pipe Relining Newcastle

OUR REVOLUTIONARY Pipe Relining Newcastle restores your defective pipeline in the most non-destructive way.

For heaps of reasons, the conventional dig and replace pipe repair method is becoming obsolete and dreaded by property owners. It is because sewer and stormwater pipes are installed behind walls and underneath the property, which makes it risky and costly for repairs that require working around trenches and excavations. Not to mention the number of days to complete the job that can sometimes extend to weeks and the inconvenience of having to deal with a ripped yard and shut off plumbing services. Revolution Pipe Relining are experts in restoring defective pipeline in just a mere matter of hours in the most non-destructive way.

Never Run Into Another Sewer Or Stormwater Problem With Pipe Relining Services Newcastle

While there are numerous reasons at which point, pipeline relining Newcastle services are necessary, the most common cause is a severe block. Your key intel for this problem is when you already hired a drain cleaning plumber several times yet, after repeated cleaning, the blocks stubbornly keep going back, or all the drains in your house are just refusing to drain the wastewater away. It could be that you hired a plumber that does sloppy work, or there’s a stubborn clog blocking the pipe. Worse, the moisture-seeking tree in front of your house has found its way into a leak in your pipe and has now grown big roots taking up a section of your sewer pipe – often the case when a pipeline fails. Old houses with trees are especially vulnerable to tree-roots.

When we reline the pipe, we make sure to clear all the clogs and restore the pipeline to its full-functional state. Our relining materials and equipment are top of the line. It allows us to create a new pipe inside the existing pipe that is far more durable than Earthenware and PVC pipes and able to stand against tree root intrusion.

Another key benefit of our Pipe Relining services Newcastle is it works in almost all types of pipe, whether in stormwater pipes, drain pipes, or sewer pipes. The fact that it is a trenchless method, you can expect that in just a day’s work the job is complete without causing property damage or interruption in your home, or your neighbours, typical to conventional pipe repair. 

Pipe Relining Cost Newcastle

Various factors account for the pipe relining costs such as the length and size of the pipe to be relined, methods used, materials, location of the pipe, the risk, and the number of junctions which means it can go higher or lower. To provide the exact cost for the project, we carry out a home CCTV pipe inspection, but, as a general estimate, it will cost you roughly $400 – $1000 per meter. 

When we provide the quote, we will explain to you in detail the cost and the project plan on how we will fix the sewer or the stormwater pipe for you. Unlike other companies, you can trust that we will give you an honest quote and not give you nasty surprises. We will also not get things underway unless you are happy for us to proceed with the project. Though it rarely happens but in cases where some potential unknown factors may be involved, we will advise you about it.

If you notice that the upfront cost is higher than a blocked drain cleaning Newcastle job, this is because it is a solution that will guarantee a pipe that will stand the test of time. We are confident that you will get the best value for your money with our relining services because we only use high-quality relining material from the best supplier in the world, and it’s 100% Australian Watermarked approved.

If you wish to get a free pipe relining cost Newcastle estimates to see if the price fits your budget, fill out your information in our price estimator. You can also book us for a FREE inspection.


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