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Pipe Relining for Civil Works Sydney: Structural CIPP Technology for Lasting Results

As a civil works manager in Sydney, maintaining the integrity of underground pipe networks is a critical task. Traditional dig-and-replace methods can be costly, time-consuming, and highly disruptive. Revolution Pipe Relining offers a superior alternative with our cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) relining technology – a fully structural, jointless solution for rehabilitating deteriorated pipes ranging from 40mm to 450mm in diameter. Our CIPP process involves inserting a resin-saturated fibreglass tube into the existing host pipe, which cures under various conditions to form a seamless “pipe-within-a-pipe.” This new liner seals cracks and restores the system’s structural integrity, making it ideal for pressurised pipes carrying water, sewage, chemicals, and more. CIPP is also well-suited for stormwater pipe repairs, culvert relining, and renewing underground pipe networks with difficult accessibility.

By choosing pipe relining for your civil works projects in Sydney, you can achieve lasting results while minimising costs, project timelines, and disruption to the surrounding community. Trust Revolution Pipe Relining’s expertise to deliver exceptional outcomes for your critical pipeline infrastructure.

Pipe Relining Solutions for Civil Works: Robotic Cutting and Video Inspections

Revolution Pipe Relining provides a comprehensive suite of pipe relining solutions for civil works projects, ensuring the success of your trenchless rehabilitation efforts. Our state-of-the-art robotic cutting technology is a game-changer when it comes to reinstating branch connections and laterals after the CIPP liner has been cured. Our skilled technicians use remote-controlled robotic cutters to precisely locate and reopen junctions, ensuring a properly sealed and long-lasting repair. Additionally, our robotic cutter is invaluable for removing accidental damage to pipes, such as concrete, reo bars, or star pickets, without the need for costly excavation and replacement.

Before any rehabilitation work begins, we offer comprehensive video pipeline inspection and condition assessment services using advanced CCTV cameras and reporting software. This allows us to thoroughly evaluate your system, identify issues, and propose the most cost-effective pipe relining solutions for your civil works needs. Our video inspections also serve as quality control post-installation, guaranteeing that all connections are properly reinstated and the new liner is intact. With Revolution Pipe Relining’s cutting-edge solutions, you can tackle even the most complex underground infrastructure challenges with confidence.

Sewer Pipe Relining Services for Civil Works: Partnering for Success on Major Projects

Revolution Pipe Relining has a proven track record of successfully partnering with large companies like CPB and United Infrastructure on major civil works projects involving sewer pipe relining services.

Our team brings specialised equipment, highly trained crews, and extensive experience to handle your most complex underground infrastructure needs. From initial video inspections and condition assessments to the final CIPP liner installations and robotic reinstatements, we work efficiently, safely, and with an unwavering commitment to quality workmanship. By choosing our sewer pipe relining services for your civil works projects, you can significantly reduce costs, minimise community disruption, and lessen the environmental impact compared to traditional dig-and-replace pipeline repairs. Our trenchless methods not only save you time and money but also provide a superior, longer-lasting solution for your critical sewer infrastructure. Contact Revolution Pipe Relining today at 1300 844 353 to discuss your upcoming civil works project involving sewer, stormwater, culvert, or other underground pipe rehabilitation. Let us demonstrate how our no-dig sewer pipe relining services can revolutionise your approach to pipeline repairs and rehabilitation.

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25 reviews on
Evelyn Proimos
Evelyn Proimos
Our house sewer line was regularly being blocked by tree roots. Based on the excellent Google reviews and internet information provided by Revolution Pipe Relining, we knew that this was the company to approach. Right from the onset, the service given by Chris and his team was exceptional. They were all highly professional, punctual and tidy. There may be cheaper pipe relining companies out there but we wanted a quality, long-term solution and I have absolutely no doubt that we got it.
Jewels Kiwi
Jewels Kiwi
Great team of plumbers, Chris was very professional and explained all our relining needs in great detail, Daniel executed the job at a high level of professionalism. The team were polite and tidy and on time, I’m so happy with the huge job they completed at my home. Well done guys thank you for completing our job at a high standard.
Ashley F
Ashley F
Chris went beyond what was required to diagnose and clear a blockage in the sewer. He then went further and did more checking upstream from the original blockage to check . In doing so he found another issue. That type of thoroughness is expected but not always delivered. A great job by a nice , decent bloke. Thks Chris
Lorraine Crowfoot
Lorraine Crowfoot
Revolution Pipe Relining were extremely professional, competitive quotation, & kept our strata fully informed thru out the process. I would highly recommend to anyone required storm/sewer pipe relining.
Wendy He
Wendy He
Recently, our strata chosed Chris, Revolution Pipe Relining to do our pipe relining job. Chris and his team are very good. We had no problem with them at all from the first day to the end of the job. They are reliable. We will chose his plumbing service in fulture.
Mike Evans
Mike Evans
We have had ongoing issues with tree roots invading sewer line. Revolution pipe relining came out and assessed the situation and recommended a boundary trap pipe replacement at a reasonable price. We had started on it early in the big rain this year and had to delay due ground being waterlogged. Chris keep us informed with regular updates and once ground had dried out enough his team did a superb job and cleaned up afterwards themselves. Chris and his team were very professional and friendly in their approach and I would highly recommend them.
Joseph Borg
Joseph Borg
Chris and the guys from Revolution Pipe Relining, made what is a stressful situation as seamless and stress free as possible. Chris was thorough with his free inspection, eliminating the guess work on the final and very competitive price. Daryl and his guys did a professional job relining our sewer party line, and managed the five different parties involved limiting their inconvenience caused by these urgent plumbing works. I highly recommend Revolution Pipe Relining if you are suffering constant blockages, and ongoing sewer unblocking costs due to tree roots in older terracotta pipes. Joe from Paddington
Philip Richardson
Philip Richardson
With all the heavy rains in Sydney in Feb/March 2022, we realised we had issues with the stormwater pipes at our property. The team were out to have a look promptly, looked at and considered various options to address the issues and advised on the best course of action (which wasn't the most expensive option, but the most practical and pramatic one). Once we agreed to proceed, the team were prompt in booking in a time and date to start the work, were onsite on time, did a great job and communicated well on the progress and next steps and timings. The job was fully completed in excellent time and I am very happy with the work by the team.
Indulgent Adventures
Indulgent Adventures
The team at Revolution Pipe Relining did an a great job at repairing a difficult to access cracked 3 way pipe replacement by my front door. It required a lot of digging and replacement of pipes, junctions and relocation of the overflow. They offered a fair price, were on time and worked diligently to ensure minimal disruption. In the process another issue unrelated was discovered that they were able to show me and then did a fabulous job fixing it by relining the pipe and solving a critical issue that was affecting the house foundations. A huge thank you to Chris and his team. I highly recommend.

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