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Why Should You Opt for Pipe Replacement for Cracked and Damaged Pipes?

Plumbing issues are an inevitable part of homeownership, from leaky faucets to clogged toilets. But what happens when those small annoyances turn into a major headache? That’s where pipe replacement services in Northern Beaches come in. 

Whether it’s due to age, structural damage, cracked, or deteriorated pipes that are causing issues like low water pressure or disruptive leaks, repiping solutions or pipe replacement in Northern Beaches can save you from these troubles. It’s always better to be prepared for the unexpected, rather than let a plumbing problem disrupt your daily routine. Here are reasons why you should consider getting your pipes checked out by professionals like Revolution Pipe Relining. 

So, how do you determine whether your home, strata, or commercial property in Northern will benefit from pipe replacement more than pipe relining. While the latter is fast becoming the preferred repair solution for damaged pipes, there are also instances wherein repiping is considered a more practical and time-efficient way to restore the full functionality and efficiency of your pipes.

When Should You Consider Pipe Replacement Over Pipe Relining Services

Dealing with plumbing issues can be a frustrating experience, especially when they often occur in hard-to-reach areas or are related to underground pipework. Thankfully, modern technology has given us two ways to fix damaged or leaking pipes – pipe replacement and pipe relining. While both techniques have their merits, pipe replacement is sometimes a better option than relining. This blog post discusses the instances when replacing a pipe is the best course of action.

Below Concrete Slab

If the leaking or damaged pipe is located beneath a concrete slab such as a patio, driveway, or footpath, then pipe replacement is often a preferable option. Removing the concrete slab to access the pipe for relining can be an expensive and time-consuming process. On the other hand, replacing the pipe altogether can be faster and less disruptive, especially if it is a straight section of pipe with no bends.

Below Beautiful Landscaped Garden

If the problematic pipe runs beneath a beautifully landscaped garden that you don’t want to excavate, pipe relining may not be the most suitable solution. While relining preserves your garden’s aesthetics, the process requires access to the pipe’s ends. If that’s not possible, you may have to dig up parts of the garden or even remove some plants. In contrast, pipe replacement involves digging a trench in the garden, replacing the damaged pipe, and then refilling the trench, causing minimal disruption to the garden.

Below a Building

Pipe relining can be an excellent option if the compromised pipe runs beneath a building. Nevertheless, if a section of the pipeline is damaged that is not accessible through a cleanout, the only way to fix it is to perform repiping services in Northern Beaches. Pipe replacement tends to be the best option in such instances as it allows the complete removal of the old pipe and installation of a new section.

Below a Heritage Tree

When a tree’s roots have caused the pipeline to crack or break, relining may not be the best option. Although pipe relining can be done in the presence of tree roots, it’s not a long-lasting solution. The roots will continue to grow and damage the relined pipe. Therefore, in such cases, pipe replacement is the more trustworthy and sustainable option.

Below a Pond or Pool

Pipe relining can be time-consuming and challenging if the affected pipe runs beneath a pond or pool. In most cases, pipe replacement is the best solution in this scenario as it is challenging to drain the pool, remove the lining of the pool or pond’s walls, and navigate around the water.

Below or Close to a Structured Fence or Retaining Wall

The structural integrity of the property’s fence, retaining wall or foundation can be compromised by pipe damage. In these scenarios, pipe replacement is preferable over pipe relining as excavation is required. Excavation is necessary to remove the old pipe and install the new one while providing temporary structural support to the nearby fence or retaining wall.

Premier Pipe Replacement Services in Northern Beaches

Are you experiencing issues with your stormwater or underground sewer piping? Look no further than Revolution Pipe Relining. Our expert pipe replacement specialists in Northern Beaches use the latest technology to provide thorough CCTV drain inspections, evaluating any damage to your pipes and offering new and long-lasting solutions imported from UK and Germany.

Here at Revolution Pipe Relining, we customise our pipe replacement plan to fit your needs and save you money in the long run, helping to ensure excellent flow efficiency for decades to come. Don’t wait until the problem worsens. Call us today at 1300 844 353 for a no-obligation quote or to learn more about our reliable pipe replacement services in Northern Beaches. Experience peace of mind knowing your pipes are in capable hands with Revolution Pipe Relining.


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