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Unmatched Pipe Relining Solutions in Inner West: A New Era in Plumbing

Welcome to the future of plumbing maintenance with Revolution Pipe Relining, your trusted expert in the Inner West. In an era where efficiency and reliability are paramount, our pipe relining services stand as a beacon of innovation. This advanced technique eclipses traditional pipe repair methods, eliminating the need for disruptive excavations and reducing costs. With Revolution Pipe Relining, experience the transformative power of modern plumbing solutions that safeguard your property’s aesthetics while bolstering your plumbing infrastructure.

In the vibrant communities of the Inner West, the demand for swift and sustainable plumbing solutions is ever-growing. Pipe relining solutions in Inner West, offered by Revolution Pipe Relining, perfectly cater to this need. We ensure minimal downtime for businesses and residents, offering a resilient approach to plumbing care that resonates with the fast-paced lifestyle of this dynamic region.

In-Depth Insight into Our Pipe Relining Process

At Revolution Pipe Relining, located in the heart of the Inner West, we excel in providing top-tier pipe relining services. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our detailed, step-by-step process which ensures each project we undertake is completed with the utmost precision and care. This meticulous approach is central to delivering non-invasive and cost-effective pipe relining solutions that our clients rely on. Let’s dive into the specifics of our comprehensive pipe relining process.

Assessing Pipe Viability

Our process starts with a thorough evaluation of the existing pipes. Utilising the latest CCTV technology, we conduct in-depth inspections. This initial step is crucial as it allows us to accurately assess the condition of the pipes and determine the appropriateness of pipe relining. By doing so, we ensure that our pipe relining solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each situation, providing the most beneficial and efficient results.

Preparation and Measurement

Once a pipe is deemed suitable, our team moves to the preparation phase. This involves meticulously cleaning the pipes, removing any debris, and calcification with the aid of robotic cutters and high-pressure water jetting. This cleaning is vital as it creates an ideal surface for the resin to bond. After the cleaning, we measure the pipes to determine the exact size of the liner needed. This precision ensures a perfect fit, which is essential for the effectiveness of the pipe relining process.

Liner Insertion and Curing

Next, we insert a flexible tube, infused with epoxy resin, into the pipe. An inflation bladder inside the tube is then expanded, pressing the resin-coated material firmly against the pipe walls. The curing stage is where the magic happens – the resin hardens, essentially creating a new pipe within the existing one. During this phase, we also take care to restore any junctions and inspection pits to their full functionality, ensuring the integrity of the entire pipeline system.

Final Inspection to Ensure Excellence in Every Detail

The final step in our pipe relining process is a comprehensive quality check. Using advanced camera technology, we conduct a thorough inspection of the newly lined pipes. This crucial step is not just a formality; it’s an essential part of our commitment to quality. We meticulously review the adherence of the liner and the overall restoration of the pipeline’s integrity. This ensures that our pipe relining work not only meets but exceeds the highest standards, guaranteeing long-lasting results for our clients.

Experience the Gold Standard in Pipe Repair with Revolution Pipe Relining

When it comes to expert pipe repair and maintenance, Revolution Pipe Relining is your unparalleled choice in Inner West. We don’t just fix pipes; we provide a full-circle pipe rehabilitation experience that sets a new benchmark in the industry. Our team of specialists delivers exceptional service, ensuring that the results we provide aren’t just solutions, but a complete enhancement of your plumbing system’s longevity and performance.

Gone are the days of invasive repairs that leave your property in disarray. Revolution Pipe Relining brings to your doorstep the most innovative pipe relining solution available in Inner West. With our service, you will witness a seamless transformation of your pipelines with minimal interference to your daily life. Our process is clean, fast, and efficient, eliminating the mess and fuss associated with traditional pipe repair methods. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. For state-of-the-art pipe relining services in Inner West that redefine quality and reliability, Revolution Pipe Relining is the name you can trust. To begin your journey to worry-free plumbing, or for a complimentary quote, dial 1300 844 353 now and experience the revolution firsthand.


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how is relining solutions undertaken?

What used to be lengthy and time-consuming pipe repair procedures has now revolutionized into a more compact and easy to manage methods with Sydney relining solutions. It involves five steps that help us carry out the work with a high success rate.

CCTV Inspection – A tiny digital and professional-grade drain camera is slipped through the pipe to get a more focus view of the interior to identify any forms of defects. This procedure helps us leave the guesswork and determine the factors we need to consider such as the type of materials, length of the liner, the dimension of the pipe, accessibility of the existing, etc. which are all determinants on how much you would be paying to complete the job.

Clearing obstructions – Before the work commences, we ensure that the pipe is free from all elements that have built-up due to daily use. We use a high-pressure jetter to perform this step, and if in any case your pipe is invaded with roots, we make sure to trim it all and clear with the water jetter. This step is carried out meticulously as the cohesion of the liner inside the existing pipe depends on its structural and physical integrity.

Installation – This is another process that requires precision to secure proper cohesion between the walls of the old pipe and the liner. We use an epoxy-saturated liner slipped into the old pipe through a single access point to repair any defects present on the pipe. We inflate a rubber bladder inside the pipe once the liner is pulled into place. The bladder will then compress and secure the epoxy-liner inside the old pipe.

Curing – Regardless of the technique, epoxy resins can cure at ambient air temperatures while others require heating the resin to specific temperatures for it to set properly. Depending on the temperature applied, curing can take up to 2 hours and once fully cured, we deflate the bladder and pull it out, leaving a durable, brand-new-like pipe with a longer lifespan.

Final check ­– To conclude the success of the relining, we perform a final CCTV camera pipe inspection to check any signs of installation defects. Our service doesn’t stop after the job is completed. We will arrange a visit annually to monitor our works and if further repair is required.




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    A damaged sewer that is left unrepaired can lead to potential health risk, substantial property damages, and can even result in unexpected home renovation. The best decision to make when you experience these problems in your property, or even if you haven’t yet, is to immediately speak to our team for drain inspection. Our team can inspect your sewer pipes for any defects and has all the tools, technology, and solutions ready to restore your sewer pipes to its full-functional state. We have comprehensive knowledge in Residential Pipeline Relining and Commercial Pipe Relining Sydney services. When you decide to reline with us, you have nothing to lose because you will not be paying for the job, but, for the long-term convenience and freedom from plumbing headaches!

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