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Proficient Pipe Relining Services in Castlereagh

Have you tried fixing a broken or leaking pipe, and yet the problem got much worse? Don’t worry because you are not alone. As a service provider for plumbing needs, we encounter such situations all the time. So you can trust us to fix your pipe issues once and for all.

Revolution Pipe Relining is a family and local business that has been serving Sydney and its neighbouring locations for decades already. Our team of plumbers both have the necessary expertise and experience needed in taking care of all sorts of plumbing activities.

How is Pipeline Relining Done?

Although pipe relining in Western Sydney has been here for quite some time, there are still people who are not familiar with how it is done. Here is a quick overview how pipe replacement is conducted through sewer pipe relining:

Initial checkup

After receiving details about a complaint or issue, the service provider would then schedule a visit to your home. Then, specialists would have to dig one or two small holes just to gain access to the pipe segment in question. They will then carry out a CCTV pipe inspection to know more about the pipe problem without having to take it out from the ground.

Pipe preparation

The pipe in question needed to be prepared for the trenchless relining process. A high pressure water jetter is usually used in this situation to get rid of any blockages or slime sticking to the inner walls of the pipe. 

Drain pipe relining

Then, the relining procedure will officially begin with a liner getting placed into the resin material. Afterward, the liner will be inserted into the pipe before an expandable bladder is inserted into the liner. Then, high pressure air will be pumped inside the bladder, expanding it and pushing the liner into the inner walls of the pipe. The resin in the liner will then start to cure and harden, thus creating a new pipe. 

How Can I Easily Find Castlereagh Pipe Relining?

Indeed, it is much easier to avail affordable pipe relining cost once you are more familiar with the entire process. Fortunately, here is Revolution Pipe Relining, our courteous customer representatives are always prepared to answer any question and shed some light to confusing matters. 

Another benefit that we provide is that we offer a 50-year warranty for all our clients, thus maintaining our close relationship with them for decades.


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