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Edgecliff is one of the most distinguished suburbs in New South Wales. Edgecliff’s history traces back to the first days of European settlement; there have been various structures and plumbing systems that need thorough experience and local knowledge to identify the problem and provide an appropriate solution.

Pipe Relining Edgecliff  is an in-demand plumbing service that Edgecliff residents ask for. Just as most neighboring suburbs in the eastern side of Sydney, Edgecliff is also rich in greenery. Although this can be a sight to behold, this beauty can also cause root damages to pipes. Treet root invasions on cracked pipes are most common, especially in homes where clay plumbing has been used. This can be very problematic as this makes it easy for roots to infiltrate the pipe and drain off the water inside. Once tree roots grab hold of these pipes, the roots will now begin to grow inside, causing blocked drains. Once this happens, property owners should immediately call experts to get their drain relining done. 

Revolution Pipeline Relining

Revolution Pipe Relining specialise in this type of plumbing issue. We make sure that with our advanced technology, we leave no rooms for errors and get the job done right and quickly! We start by doing a thorough pipe inspection using an intrusive camera on the affected area. Once we detected the problem and reached the root damages, we clear them using a high-pressure jet. Once clearing has been completed, we will proceed with the actual pipe relining. We use epoxy resin to rehabilitate your damaged pipe walls and get rid of all these cracks and faulty pipes fast!


  • Fix without damaging your property. Keeping structural integrity intact is nowadays a big thing for most property owners. Unlike the old method where deep excavation is required to locate old pipes, pipe relining will no longer require laborious digging and leaves your property undisrupted.
  • Prolonged Guarantee. Longer warranty period is one of the most important things that we have to consider. Our pipe relining quality is of premium grade, and because of that, this allows us to provide a 50-year guarantee on the installation, and the actual pipe relining will last you even longer than that.
  • Best Plumbing Investment. In general, pipe relining is more affordable than replacing your old pipes because it requires less labour and time in getting the job done. Plus, it lasts you longer so you won’t have to worry about encountering the same problem sooner.
  • Environment-friendly. Aside from avoiding property disruption, pipe relining will not expose the environment to hazardous sewer wastes and no need to worry about disposal of your old pipes.

So if you are looking to get your sewer pipe relining done soon or want your pipes checked, call us now at 1300-844-353 and let us help you get your plumbing problems fixed!


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