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Why Should You Consider Getting Stormwater Pipe Relining over Traditional Pipe Repairs in Sydney CBD

Stormwater pipe relining has emerged as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe repairs in Sydney CBD. Whether you are grappling with clogs, blockages, or structural damage in your above-ground or underground stormwater drains, stormwater pipe relining offers a rapid solution that restores your pipes to their pre-damage state.

For homeowners and commercial property owners in Sydney CBD, this pipe repair method brings several advantages over traditional pipe repair. While traditional methods have their merits, many property owners hesitate to choose them because of the significant costs involved. Let’s delve deeper into why stormwater pipe relining is a practical solution for rehabilitating damaged pipes.

Understanding Stormwater Pipe Relining Services in Sydney CBD

Traditional pipe repair usually involves replacing the damaged pipes entirely. This requires excavation to access the pipes, which can be particularly expensive if the pipes are underground. Companies might have to hire additional equipment or even subcontract the excavation process, adding thousands of dollars to your repair bill. Then there are further costs for restoring your landscape and floors.

In contrast, stormwater pipe relining services in Sydney CBD are far less invasive. To access the underground stormwater drains, a small hole is created, eliminating the need for extensive excavation and subsequent landscape remediation. This makes stormwater pipe relining solutions significantly more appealing to both homeowners and commercial property owners.

Once access is obtained, a CCTV pipe inspection is carried out to assess the internal condition of the pipes. Instead of replacing the whole pipe system, specialists insert a fabric liner impregnated with epoxy resin along the interior of the damaged pipe. The existing pipe remains in place while the epoxy resin creates a watertight and airtight seal, reinforcing the structural integrity of the original pipe. To appreciate the efficiency of stormwater pipe relining, it’s imperative to learn the step-by-step process involved in the rehabilitation process.

CCTV Pipe Inspection

Before relining can begin, it’s crucial to identify the specific damaged areas. Using CCTV pipe inspection, experts pinpoint these areas, ensuring that only the necessary sections are relined. This targeted approach keeps the cost of stormwater pipe relining services down, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.


For the epoxy resin to adhere properly to the damaged sections, the pipes must be thoroughly cleaned. High-pressure water jets are used to remove all types of debris, including leaves, twigs, and corrosive materials. Once the stormwater drain is clean, it is left to dry for a few hours to ensure optimal adhesion of the epoxy resin.

Stormwater Pipe Relining

After drying, a fabric liner soaked in epoxy resin is inserted into the drain. Hot water or compressed air is used to expand the liner against the damaged pipe walls. Using a cured-in-place technique, UV light helps to harden the epoxy resin, completing the relining process. This can take from a few hours to a full day, depending on various factors.

Restore Your Pipes Without Breaking the Bank with Revolution Pipe Relining Services in Sydney CBD

If you’re dealing with stormwater drain damage or blockage issues in Sydney CBD or the surrounding areas, look no further than Revolution Pipe Relining for a reliable and efficient solution. With over four decades of industry experience, we take pride in delivering superior workmanship and unmatched customer satisfaction. Our team of highly skilled professionals uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure that you get the best stormwater pipe relining solutions tailored to your needs.

Don’t let damaged pipes wreak havoc on your property. Take action now and experience the benefits of stormwater pipe relining services that last. To learn more about how we can help you or to request a quote, call our pipe relining specialists today at 1300 844 353. We’re committed to providing you with an effective, long-lasting solution that saves you both time and money.

This video will show you the stormwater pipe relining process and how amazing your drain will look and function after relining.

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If you’ve done all preventative measures yet still experiencing problems with your stormwater drains

Then connecting with a company that does stormwater pipe relining Sydney to restore the integrity of your stormwater drain pipes is the best thing to do. Doing this will give you confidence that you will never run into a stormwater pipe problem that may expose you and your community to flood and health hazards.

Stormwater Pipe Relining restores the integrity of stormwater drain pipes

Fully-functional stormwater drain pipes are essential in preventing flooding and water damage to residential, commercial, government structures such as streets, sidewalks, etc. and even beneath the ground structures. Therefore, it is immensely helpful to rectify any issues as it arises and before any storm events.

Relining Stormwater Pipes is an effective approach to restore stormwater drain integrity; it is suitable for residential and commercial areas and can be used to repair downpipe and horizontal pipe damages. It has made the repair very easy, especially where downspouts are on the outside of a property and the repair needed can be easily identified. Even with concealed stormwater pipes, repairs can be carried out in a mere matter of hours as excavation is not necessarily required. 



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    Here at Revolution Pipe Relining, our approach and the relining material are unmatched in lifespan, economic advantage, installation flexibility, and environmental impact that makes us the number choice in stormwater pipe rehabilitation in Sydney. To execute the repair process successfully, our team meticulously inspect the damaged pipe, locate any leaks and cracks, and clear blockages first. Using a fibreglass or flexible felt tube liner saturated with the epoxy-resin mixture, we apply the epoxy-resin mixture into the damaged pipe and ensure cohesion between the interior of the old drain pipe and the outer layer of the flexible felt tube liner. The epoxy-resin is allowed to cure in a given time, hardened, and restores the stormwater drain to full functionality. The result is a new and more durable stormwater pipe with high resistance to corrosion and tree root penetration which is usually the reason when drain fails.

    In the past, the process and pipe relining cost to repair a stormwater pipe problems were time-consuming, strenuous, and expensive because the only option was to dig up the damaged pipe and replace it. Excavation and the remedial cost were incorporated in the repair cost resulting in a lengthy and much expensive repair.

    Nowadays, stormwater pipe relining addresses this challenge in a more compact approach yet provides more advantages compared to the traditional repair. Our team has been applying this type of repair for our residential and commercial customers, and we’ve seen great results. It does not only prevent the residential and commercial customers from environmental and property damage, but it also helps maintain Sydney in a livability state.

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