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Pipe Patching Videos - Revolution Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining Process for Pipe Patching in Sydney Australia

Watch our team demonstrates the Pipe Relining Process for Pipe Patching. Our team performs this when sections of the drain are cracked or broken and are tree-root infested.

In this process, we ensure that drains are adequately cleared, and all tree roots are removed. Then an intrusive camera is inserted to check if the space is ready for relining. Once the liner and packer are ready, we insert them into the affected pipe in the correct position and inflate and wait for it to set and polish rough edges with the Picote cutter.

About Revolution Pipe Relining:

We are a Sydney-based company with revolutionary pipe relining techniques that can make your blocked drains go away forever without digging a hole that would damage your property. Instead, we create a new pipe within your existing sewer or stormwater drains and then guarantee that section for 50 years. If you have any issues with a relined area in that time frame, we will return and fix it for free.

Our team is highly experienced in pipe relining, blocked drains, and drain camera inspections. We service all locations in Sydney, including Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Hills District, Inner West, Sydney CBD, Parramatta, and Western Sydney.

Why Choose Revolution Pipe Relining?

– 50 Year Guarantee
– Free Annual Drain Camera Inspection to Monitor Our Work.
– We will Beat Any Quote.
– All Products are Made In Germany, France, or UK.
– Free Quotes All Over Sydney
– Preferred Pipe Relining Company For Most Sydney Plumbers.

For more information on our company and services, visit https://revolutionpiperelining.com.au.

You can chat with us or organise a free quote by contacting us on 1300 844 353.

Sectional Patch Pipe Relining with Fibreglass in Newtown, Sydney


Watch co-owners Chris and Darrell in action as they install 2 X Fiberglass Patches with Silicate Resin into 100mm sewer drain in a rental property in Newton, Inner West of Sydney, that has been dealing with root intrusion for years.

But no more pesky blocked drains! With Revolution Pipe Relining’s strongest and most chemical resistant patch, the reason why we guarantee our client’s 50 years of quality, saving our customers from future worries of dealing with blocked drain again!

So if you have been looking for a permanent yet affordable way to solve your blocked drain problems, then Pipe Relining is the answer! Take advantage of our FREE CCTV drain camera inspection and permanent solution plan.

Call us now at 1300 844 353 or visit https://revolutionpiperelining.com.au for more information on our company and services

Before and After Drain Relining Video


Want to see a before and after drain relining by our team? Check out this video and watch how Revolution Pipe Relining transforms a severely broken PVC pipe into a smoothly patched pipe.

Our team uses high-quality fibreglass liner and silicate resin, the strongest chemical-resistant material for pipe relining. Our team is confident with our products made in Germany, The UK or France. To ensure quality, we offer the industry’s first LIFETIME guarantee!

The Revolution Pipe Relining team has been drain relining for many years, making the team well-experienced with all aspects of relining. We generally work for homeowners, plumbers, real estate, and strata/building managers. If you or a client has an ongoing blocked drain problem and are looking for a permanent solution, give us a call on 1300 844 353

For more information on our company and drain relining services visit https://revolutionpiperelining.com.au. Or you can chat with us and organise a free quote at 1300 844 353.

Sectional Patch Pipe Relining in PVC Pipe

The Men of Revolution Pipe Relining will show you how Sectional Patch Pipe Relining in PVC Pipe is done!

In this job order, the client’s PVC fitting is cracked all the way through and infested with tree roots causing the blockage. With our pipe relining method, a permanent solution is guaranteed!

Looking for a pipe relining done on PVC pipes (or any drainage pipe), then Revolution Pipe Relining Team is the right team for you! Call us at 1300 844 353, or learn more about our services at https://revolutionpiperelining.com.au.

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