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Expert Pipe Relining Services in Erskine Park

Have you ever wondered how difficult it would be for a regular person to replace an entire damaged pipe without the necessary tools and skills? Thankfully, there are experienced plumbers and specialists who know exactly how these are done. Here at Revolution Pipe Relining, our team of plumbers boast a combined 40-year experience in the field. 

As a firm that values excellence, we always make sure to give our best whatever it is we do especially for our clients. That is why we have earned the standing of being one of the most trusted firms in this part of the country.

Materials Used in Pipeline Relining

Have you ever wondered how pipe relining in Western Sydney works? As important as the actual method in relining are the materials used for it. Without these materials, even the most skilled plumbers won’t be able to reline their clients’ pipes. 

  • Resin – The resin is an environment-friendly material that sticks to the inner wall of the pipe. When this substance dries up and cures, it becomes very durable, some say even more durable than a PVC pipe. 
  • Liner – The liner is equally important because it is the medium by which the resin reaches the inner walls of the pipe. This liner is stretchable so it would effectively cover the entire area of the pipe’s inner walls. 
  • CCTV pipe inspection camera – The video camera used for inspection is a miniature device that is attached to a cord, inserted into the pipe. This device helps the team of plumbers to assess the situation (extent of damage, location of damage) regarding the damaged pipe.

Enjoy the Profit of Erskine Park Pipe Relining

Now that you are aware how sewer pipe relining works, it also is important to note that with relining, you don’t need to check with your plumber on a regular basis. Why? It is because it is your service provider who would schedule a visit for your home a few times a year to make sure that their work has not encountered any problems yet. How long will they do this, you may be asking. Well, that depends on your service provider.

We at Revolution Pipe Relining are so confident with our relining pipe replacement work that we give our clients a 50-year warranty. Contact us right away to know more about this. Our friendly and courteous customer representatives are here to help with whatever it is you need, as long as it is related to a pipe problem.


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