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Veteran Pipe Relining Services in Wentworthville

Do you suspect a leak or damage in one of your pipes? Do you often smell something bad within your property? Are your drains slow? Do you notice green patches in your backyard that were not there a few weeks ago? Do you hear strange noises in your pipes? If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then you may want to look for a veteran plumber to assist you. An experienced plumber knows exactly what indications to look for before he can say what the problem is. Thankfully, we are capable of doing this for our clients. 

Revolution Pipe Relining is a firm that offers professional plumbing services to residential and commercial property owners. Our team of experts have a combined 40 years of experience in the industry, allowing them to diagnose and repair any pipe problems efficiently. Currently, the most popular and effective method in pipe repair and replacement is pipe relining in Parramatta. 

Pipe relining is done by creating a new pipe inside the old, damaged pipe. As a result, little to no digging will be needed.

Knowing the Procedures of Pipeline Relining

Indeed, pipe relining has revolutionised the way plumbing is done, but it is still slightly more complicated than traditional pipework. If you want to know how drain pipe relining is really done, then here is a short summary of its steps:

  1. Client contacts the service provider, which in turns gives him a quotation and schedule. The client needs to provide all possible details about the problem in order to get an accurate quotation. In addition, the client should make the necessary preparations for the scheduled appointment. 
  2. Once the expert plumbers arrive, they will immediately conduct a CCTV pipe inspection. The actual pipe relining cost may increase or decrease depending on the details and information they would get from the inspection. The inspection will determine the severity of the damage in the pipe, as well as its exact location. Based on this information, the plumbers would make suggestions to the owner, to which he should agree. 
  3. After the inspection, they will make any necessary preparations for the pipe relining procedure. In relining, the inner walls of the concerned pipe should be stripped clean to ensure a tight and even fit for the resin. A high pressure water jetter is usually used to take out any sludge or blockage. 
  4. Relining procedure is carried out using modern equipment and high-quality substances. There are two important materials in relining – the liner and the resin. The resin is a substance that can harden completely, becoming more durable than a PVC pipe. Meanwhile, the liner is the means by which the resin is inserted inside the old pipe to create a new one inside. An inflatable bladder will be inserted inside the liner, and then air will be blown to expand it. 
  5. The team will conduct a final check of the cured and hardened resin. After letting the resin cure for a couple of hours, the experienced plumbers will once again insert the video camera to inspect their work. If there are no problems, they will return one year later to check for problems. We at Revolution Pipe Relining offer a 50-year warranty for all the pipe relining we have done. Because of this, our clients do not have any worries even though their pipes may encounter problems. 

Wentworthville Pipe Relining – Where to Find It?

Are you now convinced that pipe relining is the best way to fix your pipes today? If yes, you can start looking for service providers that can offer the best assistance. But the question is where do you find them?

Nowadays, searching for a firm or small business has been made much easier, thanks to the Internet. As long as the firm has online visibility, it will be easy to spot. However, remember not to get the services of the first one you find. Allow yourself to choose from 3 or 4 options – that way you can be sure that you are getting the best deal you can get. 

So what are you waiting for? Call or contact our representatives so we can give you a quotation based on your pipe problem.


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