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Do you feel proud whenever you are able to fix something broken in your home? That is certainly something you can be proud of, but you should also accept the reality that you cannot fix everything. For instance, you may be able to repair simple drain and pipe issues, but the difficulty for repair would significantly increase if the location of the damage is somewhere beyond your reach. Under these circumstances, the best thing for you to do is seek professional assistance. Do not put matters into your own hands, or else the problem may get worse, resulting in a more expensive solution. 

Here at Revolution Pipe Relining, we make sure that we do not just fix your damaged pipes, but also ensure their durability for many years. Boasting a combined 40 years of experience in the industry, our specialists know all the tiny details of plumbing, allowing them to effectively repair any pipe problem they face. 

What separates us from most firms is our long-term relationships with past clients. Even after we are able to successfully fix their damaged pipe, we make sure to follow up and check on them each year.

Advantages of Pipeline Relining

There are various perks when getting pipe relining services. Here are some of them when compared to traditional plumbing methods:

Efficient – Drain pipe relining is more efficient than the traditional methods in plumbing. Our team will only need a couple of personnel to fix the problem, in contrast to conventional procedures that require almost a dozen plumbers if you want the issue to get fixed right away. In addition, having fewer people in your property during the procedure is more favorable for you. 

Less Digging – With the use of modern equipment such as a CCTV pipe inspection device, we are able to identify the extent and location of the damaged pipe without the need to dig around your property. In the past, plumbers needed to destroy patios, gardens and sometimes even floor tiles just to see the damage and replace the pipe. But not anymore. Our specialists only need access points where the liners can be inserted. 

Quicker – Sewer pipe relining only takes a few hours to complete. After the inspection, the relining procedure will commence right away and you will be told to wait for the liner and resin to cure. In just an hour or two, you will immediately see the results. Back in the day, fixing and replacing a problematic pipe lasted a few days at most. In fact, there are some pipe relining work that can be done in half a day. 

More Durable – The resin and liners used in cast iron pipe relining are very durable, and last longer than the usual pipes. Because there are no segments in the new pipe, tree roots would not have any spot to penetrate the pipeline. As for our services, we offer a 50-year warranty for all our relining work. 

Cheaper Pipe Relining Cost – If you consider all of the points mentioned above, then it will not be surprising to see that trenchless pipe relining will be a lot cheaper than the traditional procedures of pipe replacement. Given these details, you will be in a win-win situation if you seek pipe relining in Parramatta. 

Get Outstanding Pendle Hill Pipe Relining Today

Taking care of your property is a responsibility that you should not take lightly. That is why seeking for trustworthy pipe relining services is highly recommended. In case you have not found one, you can contact us here at Revolution Pipe Relining. For many years, we have catered to thousands of clients, solving their pipe problems and giving them peace of mind. 

Contact our trusted customer representatives today and provide the details about your pipe problems. They will surely be more than happy to give you advice and set a schedule for our specialists to visit your area. After we have taken care of your problem, we will make sure to check our relining work every year. This is how we show our clients and customers that we value them even after the relining procedure is finished.


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