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Every household is recommended to have their pipelines checked at least once every few years. Why? Because the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ can also be applied to plumbing. Fixing a pipe would be a lot easier, less messy, and cheaper if the problem was controlled and it did not escalate. In these situations, you need the help of experts who know what they are doing. Take note that a person can only be an expert after studying a particular task extensively, or after doing the same task over and over again for a long time. 

That’s exactly how we are at Revolution Pipe Relining. Packed with 40 years of combined experience in performing plumbing work for our clients, we can be sure to offer the specific solution for specific pipe problems. Nowadays, the method that is gaining popularity because of its efficiency and durability is pipe relining. Even with decades of experience under our belt, we make sure to stay updated with our methods.

Traditional Plumbing vs. Pipeline Relining

The main difference between the traditional method and pipe relining is the way the pipe is replaced or treated. In the traditional procedure, the entire pipe segment where the problem lies is dug out and replaced with a new one. On the other hand, a pipe relining project will only need a couple of dug holes to get access to the both entry points of the pipe segment. Then, a liner and resin will be inserted to create a new pipe within the old one. 

If you have not yet heard about drain pipe relining, you may be wondering how it is different from the conventional ways. Sadly, some people would not want to look even further, and just settle with the method they’re used to. Below are some of the glaring differences between trenchless pipe relining, and the traditional way:

  1. More digging vs. Less Digging – In traditional plumbing, the task requires digging, which sometimes destroys patios, garages, and even gardens just so the pipe replacement can be done. However, relining will only require a couple of excavations to gain access to both sides of the pipe segment in question. 
  2. Takes a few days to complete vs. Takes a few hours to complete – Due to the excavations, the traditional method takes a few days at least. But that is not the case with pipe relining in Parramatta. Once the inspection is done, the resin-soaked liner would be inserted to the pipe and left to cure. Curing period only lasts for a couple of hours. 
  3. Less Convenient vs. More Convenient – The old plumbing ways are less convenient and affects other people in the property. Meanwhile, pipe relining can be done without causing too much distractions. In fact, someone who is busy doing something may not notice that plumbers are doing a relining procedure for their pipe. 
  4. Requires More Personnel vs. Requires Fewer Personnel – A team is required for plumbing, especially in occasions where pipe replacement is needed. But that is not the case for relining, which could be completed with just a couple of expert plumbers. 
  5. Lasts Long vs. Lasts Long with Warranty – Both methods last a few decades before anything bad happens again. However, most service providers who carry out cast iron pipe relining offer warranties for their work, some of which last as long as 50 years. 

Elite Kingsdene Pipe Relining Near You

As you may have observed, there are indeed a lot of differences between the traditional way of plumbing, and the modern way, otherwise known as pipe relining. This just means you should not doubt its efficiency and durability because it is the future. In fact, more countries are slowly adopting this method as their go-to procedure in all their pipework. 

Revolution Pipe Relining is one of the most reputable and trusted service providers for everything that is related to plumbing. For many years, we have taken care of our clients, thus boosting our reputation. Do not worry because we will take care of your problem as well. But you have to contact us now. Our friendly customer reps are on standby and ready for your inquiries.


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