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Trustworthy Pipe Relining Services in Eastwood

It is always bad news when a pipe in your home begins leaking, or worse bursts.  In these situations, you may be tempted to fix it on your own to save some money. However, you have to beware because if you are not 100% sure about what you are doing, then you may just make everything worse – leading to even more expenses. Do not risk your hard-earned cash just because you think you can fix it. 

Thankfully, our professionals at Revolution Pipe Relining are so experienced when it comes to plumbing needs that we are sure to provide the best service possible to fix the problem. Boasting a combined 40 years of experience, our plumbers will carry out the necessary inspections, and use cutting-edge technology for your damaged pipes. 

Pipe relining is a plumbing method that is emerging in popularity. Through this method, pipe replacement can be completed even without taking out the original pipe. Wait, what? Yes you read that right. Relining enables plumbers to actually “make” a new pipe within the old one.

Understanding the Methods of Pipeline Relining

Sewer pipe relining is a modern plumbing method that is currently becoming more popular each year. In fact, more countries overseas are using this technique because of its efficiency and durability. So how is drain pipe relining done?

  1. CCTV pipe inspection – Before we begin and do anything else, we would first carry out an inspection of the pipe in question. Our team would insert a camera that will show them where exactly the pipe needs to be ‘relined.’ In addition, they would also determine how severe or serious the damage is. Once this inspection is done, the next step of the procedure commences.
  2. Trenchless pipe relining preparation – Preparing for the actual relining method takes time. The inner wall of the pipe should be clean and free from any debris. Usually, a high pressure water jetter would be used to take out the accumulated sludge, and other substances that may affect the method. A robotic scraper may also be used to take out stubborn obstacles, which would then be flushed out by water.
  3. Relining – Using state of the art equipment, a resin-dipped liner would be inserted into the pipe, and placed near the area that needs repair. Then, high pressure air would be blown into the liner through an inflatable bladder. The air will allow the liner to expand, pushing itself against the inner walls of the pipe. Then, it would be left to cure for a couple of hours.
  4. Inspection – When the resin substance in the liner has finished curing, the team would again inspect everything to make sure the problem has been addressed. We would conduct another inspection after a few days to a week just to see if the hardened resin is still intact. 

Tips when Looking for Eastwood Pipe Relining

It is not difficult to search for trusted firms as long as you know where to look. One of the first things you should do is ask around your area for reputable plumbers or firms. Afterward, ask a quote from each one you would find and compare the rates and services. Identify if any of the quotes offer discounts or a promo you can avail. Finally, choose the service provider that is right for you. 

If you are looking for blocked drain services in your area, you can contact us at our website. Our courteous and trusted customer representatives are standing by to get the details of your problem. Revolution Pipe Relining is among the best service providers in the area, and our decades of reputation proves that. 

In fact, our team is so confident and proud of our work that we offer a 50-year warranty for all our relining work. Yes, that means in the rare case that we did not do the job perfectly, we would be willing to repair the pipe within 50 years after our initial procedure. So what are you waiting for? Now that you have learned how important it is to seek help, contact us today and we will take it from there.


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