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When your pipes at home are not working correctly, it is a problem that should be taken care of as soon as possible. Because if you do not take it seriously, you may find yourself dealing with water spewing inside your home, foul smell, and even health risks for your family. Finally, when a pipe gets damaged or bursts, even other people and your community may be affected. 

Because of these grave problems that a broken pipe can lead to, you should get a service provider right away. Here at Revolution Pipe Relining, we specialise not only giving solutions to pipe problems, but using the best and modern tools in doing so. Our expert personnel have 1more than 40 years of combined experience in doing all kinds of plumbing work.

When Is It Time for Pipeline Relining?

Sometimes it can be confusing to come to a decision when it is time to contact someone for a pipe replacement or repair. If you are not sure, but you still want to play it safe just in case, here are some signs you can observe around your home:

  • Gurgling noises in the pipes – If your pipes make strange and loud noises every now and then, then maybe it is time to let a plumber check. It could be a pipe problem, a blockage, or an uneven pipe caused by moving soil. It is better to take care of the issue right away before it gets worse. 
  • Odd smell – When you or your family members begin smelling a foul odor in certain areas of the house, then it could probably be a leak. Unfortunately, the smell is not only bad for the nose, but also for the health. This could cause sickness within the family, and it may also affect food quality.
  • Green patches on the soil – Whenever a patch of ground is always moist or wet, it will not take much time before green patches of algae begin to grow. If you notice these green patches in your backyard, and you know that your pipelines are located underneath them, it may be possible that your pipes in that area are leaking. 
  • Slow drain – When you use the faucet in the kitchen or in the bathroom and you notice that the drains take a longer time to completely empty, then you may have a blocked drain or pipe issue. Contact your trusted plumber in these cases right away to get blocked drain services. 

There are reasons why the points enumerated above take place. It only means they should be taken seriously. It is always better to be on the prevention than suffer the consequences later on. Once you ignore these signals and do not seek professional assistance, the problems might get worse – and with it come additional expenses and stress. You should search for a trenchless pipe relining service right away.

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Sewer pipe relining is one of the more modern forms of plumbing these days. Instead of excavations and a lot of digging which were primarily done in traditional plumbing methods, drain pipe relining only needs a few digging to expose both ends of the pipe segment where the resin-filled liner will be inserted. After the resin is left to cure inside the old pipe, it would only need a couple of hours to completely harden. CCTV pipe inspection will also be conducted before and after the procedure. This is to check whether the procedure worked properly to solve the pipe problem. This is one of the reasons why pipe relining is Parramatta gives peace of mind to its clients. 

Most relined pipes take three or four decades before any signs of damage can be detected. That means you won’t have any issues with your pipes for an entire generation of your family, or even two. We are Revolution Pipe Relining understand this clearly, and so we offer a 50-year guarantee for all our relining work. If you are looking for an experienced team of plumbers to help you because of the signs you have been observing around the house, then contact us right away. Our representatives are ready to accept your inquiries.


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