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KeEp your sewer pipes and Drains in top condition with pipe relining service in oxford falls

Home to Peace Park and is one of the suburbs in the Forest District with falls and creeks, Oxford Falls has several trails suitable for mountain bike activities. Despite a beautiful place for outdoor activities and the abundance of water, this suburb is located amongst the bushland, which makes it a subject to wildfire during periods of low rainfall and extreme heat. Living in a place like this means taking into consideration the condition of your sewer pipe and drainage system, making sure it’s working at its best no matter what season. 

As they said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” so to become better prepared all the time, you need to tap with a trusted Pipe Relining Oxford Falls plumbing company that can help you with this matter and give you a service that is worth every penny! Good thing you’ve come to the right place. Revolution Pipe Relining knows every ins and outs of plumbing, so you’re in good hands with us.

Discover why Revolution Pipe Relining is the no. 1 choice when it comes to Pipe Relining Oxford Falls.

√ Multigenerational – We are a family plumbing business that has been operating for 3 generations. We existed even before pipe relining came out of the market. As such, you can trust that we are fully trained and experienced in this job.

√ Multiservices – Repairing, replacing, rehabilitating is what we do best. From the most simple leaking taps to the most complex ones that require extensive works – we know all the ropes!

√ Multiple advantages – Hitting 2 birds in one stone is how our service works. When you reline with us, your sewer pipe is not just repaired but, at the same time, is replaced with a pipe that is good as brand new that comes with a 50-year product guarantee.

√ Multiskilled – Our plumbers are not just your ordinary plumbers. They are certified and have undergone extensive training before they take on the job. To keep them up to date with the latest plumbing advancements, we provide them with training that can help them become an expert in every service we’re offering.

What is Pipe Relining and how is it the best solution to ensure your sewer pipe preparedness in every season?

Pipe Relining is a trenchless technology that eliminates the most tedious part of digging, which is typical of the traditional type of repair years back. It uses a fiberglass fabric tube or a polyester to reline the problem pipe, therefore its name. After a CCTV pipe examination is completed to understand where the fix needs to occur, we set up a unique mixture using a resin, polyester, and epoxy lining supplied to the liner and pushed down to the repair area through steam or high temp water. This mixture fixes and increases the durability of the replacement pipe without the need to dig up the old one.

√ Worth every penny – Skips the old digging technique; therefore, it saves you big time on extra labour cost.

√ No burrowing – Where there’s no burrowing needed means there’s no interruption in your surroundings, your neighbour and spares you from expensive surface repairs. 

√ More durable – Contrary to the misguided judgments, the replacement pipe has high flexibility to any ground conditions than old pipes. It can stand root intrusions for decades.

Make all your home plumbing equipment ready at all times, no matter what season. Reline today by calling us at 1300-844-353. 


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