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JUNCTION PATCHING Videos - Revolution Pipe Relining

In this video, the team of Revolution Pipe Relining is repairing 3 severely dislodged PVC junctions.

We successfully repaired the pipe in the following order: Step 1: Trimmed the 3 junctions with a robotic cutter to create a smoother transition. Step 2: Installed structural fiberglass matting patches over the severely broken junctions to structurally rebuild the pipe. Step 3: Used a robotic cutter to cut holes in the fiberglass patches where the junctions will be reconnected to the main pipeline. Step 4: Installed 3 x Structural Fibreglass junction patches over the 3 junctions connecting the branch line to the main pipeline. All the pipework was under a bathroom and under the concrete slab of the house. Fixing this the traditional way would have meant the tenants move out for a few weeks, pull down the wall between the bathroom and living room, chop up the floor in the bathroom and living room, install new PVC pipe then re concrete, re-tile etc. House and pipe saved in 2 days’ work!

Our Revolution Relining Team is back in action, installing a junction patch over a cracked PVC junction, a vital part of pipe relining. If your installer has not quoted or recommended adding patches, it’s time to call Revolution Pipe Relining.

Are you from Sydney? Well, we can come to your property and film your drain, give you a quote for free! We will also provide you with an honest opinion if a junction patch is required.

Find out more at https://revolutionpiperelining.com.au or call us at 1300 844 353.

Junction Patch Installation Video | Revolution Pipe Relining Sydney

In this video, you can see how we install a junction patch over a junction cut. When a junction is cut out (reinstated) with a robotic cutter, if there are tree roots or a break within 400mm of the junction, a junction patch must be installed to protect the pipeline from having tree roots re-enter around the junction cut! Watch the entire vired to see the before and after results.

In this video, the team at Revolution Pipe Relining is installing a structural fiberglass junction patch with blue magic epoxy resin and will be curing it with steam. Fiberglass junction patches are the strongest option available and are the only structural product on the market. This particular junction had tree roots entering the pipeline on the joints around the junction. There will no longer be any blockage problems with tree roots in the future.

Junction Lining Kit Installed Over a Defective PVC Junction | Revolution Pipe Relining

In this video the team is installing a Junction Lining Kit Over a Defective PVC Junction. This was done for one of our many happy strata clients!

Junction Patch Installation Video – Revolution Pipe Relining

In this video, you will see the Revolution Pipe Relining team installing a junction patch over a cracked PVC junction. Junction patches are an extremely important part of pipe relining and are often left out by dodgy installers for various reasons. To put it simply, if there are cracks or tree roots within 400mm of a junction, a junction patch is required to meet Australian standards. If an installer has not quoted to add any junction patches in your inversion pipe relining quote, get in touch with Revolution Pipe Relining. If you are in our Sydney service radius, we can come to film your drain for free, give a free quote and give an honest opinion if a junction patch is required.

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