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Have you ever tried fixing a busted pipe or leaking faucet without any help? It feels great, right? However, not all pipe problems can easily be remedied with the help of DIY videos and guides. In some instances, some problems should be brought to a professional to prevent the issue from getting more serious. 

We at Revolution Pipe Relining specialise in these kinds of repairs. With the use of specialised equipment and modern methods, we are capable of solving all sorts of plumbing issues in residential and commercial properties.

What Pipeline Relining is NOT

Many contractors and property owners are talking about pipe relining in Western Sydney and how it is the future of the plumbing industry. In fact, it is so effective that more people are choosing it as their repair option compared to traditional pipe replacement. 

While there are a number of opinions about sewer pipe relining, here are things that it is NOT:

It is NOT a gimmick – Some people think that the pipe relining method is a mere gimmick, and that it should never be an option to replace the more traditional procedures of pipe replacement and repair. However, with just a little reading and watching online, one will see that this methodology actually works. 

It does NOT sacrifice quality for efficiency – Others say that relining methods may be fast, but they are not reliable. Again, this assumption is false. Not because a job is done quickly, it does not mean the quality of said job has already been compromised. 

It does NOT guarantee zero pipe problems in the future – On the other hand, there are also proponents of this method that go the extreme – that you won’t get any pipe problems in the future after a relining procedure. These claims are baseless.

Find Marsden Park Pipe Relining

Now that you are aware what pipe relining is NOT, you can now contact a service provider near you. We at Revolution Pipe Relining can be your go-to guys for all your blocked drain and damaged sewer pipe needs. Our team boasts more than 40 years of combined experience in this industry, so you’d be assured that you are in good hands. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact our office today and talk with our courteous representatives. They would be more than willing to assist you, and answer your questions.


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