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In a time and age where Do-It-Yourself videos are becoming more and more popular, one must admit that sometimes, there seems no need for professionals and experts. Unfortunately, these DIY videos can only show and instruct so much. Most of these clips only show repairs that can easily be done by an average person as long as he has tools. However, once the problem requires advanced equipment and more experience, that is when things go south – if you choose not to get professional advice.

Understanding the Methods of Pipeline Relining

To know more about pipe relining in Sydney CBD, here are some of the methods that our skilled plumbers use:

CCTV pipe inspection

Initial inspection of the damaged pipe is crucial to know how to approach the relining process. Fortunately, high tech equipment is available to make such an inspection.

Planning and Preparation

After the initial inspection, the plumbers would plan the course of action while consulting with the owner, and then make the necessary preparations for the procedure. A high pressure water jetter would be flushed into the pipe to take out any debris or obstacle that could affect the outcome of the procedure. 

Relining Proper

Sewer pipe relining requires a resin-soaked liner that would be inserted into the pipe. Once inserted, an inflatable bladder would be filled with air in order for the liners to stick to the inner portion of the pipe. It will take a couple of hours for the resin to completely harden. 

Final Inspection and Follow Up

After the procedure is complete, the plumbers would again insert a video camera to check their work. Then, a regular inspection would be scheduled to ensure the durability of the new pipe.

Simple Guide about The Rocks Pipe Relining

Finding a reputable pipe relining company is easy nowadays. Aside from shopping around your neighbourhood, you can also check for relevant firms in your location through the Internet. Still, there are some things you need to remember. First of all, never choose the very first service provider you find – pick at least two other options. 

Then, make sure that you have read enough feedback about your prospective firms. Finally, get the plumbing company that can offer discounts, warranties, and other perks which are definitely a value for your money. Good thing here at Revolution Pipe Relining, we can offer all of those for you. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today.


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