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Highly Skilled Pipe Relining Services in Telopea

Fixing a simple pipe leak could take a few minutes if you already have an idea how to do it. Besides, there are countless DIY videos on the Internet showing details on how to fix any pipe problem. Unfortunately, no matter how many videos you watch, you cannot ensure that you can repair a plumbing problem you have never experienced first hand in the past. That is why it is highly recommended not to push through with your own repairs, and instead look for assistance. 

Under these circumstances, it is best to seek professional services from our highly skilled team of plumbers. Revolution Pipe Relining is a firm that offers plumbing assistance to residential and commercial property owners. With decades of experience in the business, we are confident that we are capable of solving your pipe issues in no time. 

Through those years in the business, we have familiarised ourselves with all kinds of plumbing work and drain problems. As a result, we can be sure that no matter how serious the issue seems to be, our highly trained experts can handle it well.

Why is Pipeline Relining a Good Option?

Pipe relining is one of the more popular options in plumbing today because of the ton of benefits it offers. Still, if you are having second thoughts as to whether you would get pipe relining in Parramatta or not, here are a few points that may help you decide:

  1. Takes a shorter amount of time to finish – Drain pipe relining only needs a few hours at most to be completed. This is simply unheard of a few decades ago. Once the CCTV pipe inspection commences, it would take up to an hour to prepare the pipe. Then, it would only take a couple of hours more for the procedure to be finished, including curing the resin. 
  2. Uses modern equipment and materials – In the past, traditional procedures were straightforward – pipe gets dug out, and then replaced with a new one. But that is a thing of the past. In sewer pipe relining, modern devices and top-rated materials are used to create the new pipe within the old one. Because of this, pipe replacement through relining can be done faster, and with fewer people. 
  3. Requires less digging compared to previous methods – As mentioned earlier, trenchless pipe relining requires fewer people and can be done at a faster rate. Why is that? That is because of the absence of extensive excavations around the client’s property. Digging takes time, and returning the dug soil takes time as well. In a pipe relining method, such steps will not be necessary. 
  4. Boasts better durability – A newly replaced pipe, even if done correctly, may become damaged within the first decade after the repair. However, that is not the case with pipe relining. Even the most simple of pipe relining projects can take a few decades without encountering any problems or damages. In fact, here at Revolution Pipe Relining, we offer a 50-year warranty for all our relining work. In addition, we also offer a regular annual checkup of our work, further providing peace of mind to our clients. 

Contact Us to Get Telopea Pipe Relining Assistance

After all that you have learned about pipe relining, are you now willing to give it a try? If so, then why don’t you contact us? Our specialists have trained in pipe relining for many years. And even after we have fixed the pipes, we will still make sure to pay you a visit each year for a checkup. 

What makes us so confident about our work? Aside from our expertise in relining, we also use top-notch materials – resin and liners, which we import from Germany, France and the UK. RSM Lining Supplies provide the highest quality materials, further reinforcing our reputation as the best pipe relining service provider in the region. 

Contact us today and we will take care of your pipe problem in no time. Our friendly customer representatives are always ready to answer any plumbing-related question you may have. Rest assured that we will handle your problem in the most professional way possible.


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