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Have you ever contacted a plumber who you chose because he charges cheap rates? Most often than not, someone who requires the cheapest fees does not provide lasting services. Why is that important? That is because such plumbers may charge low, but once you encounter problems and call them, their professional fees pile up and actually overtake the work done with just a single procedure and can last for decades. So as you can see, you lose money in the long run – which is not a good investment. 

That is why Revolution Pipe Relining is here – we make sure that our services are the most competitive in the market today, both in terms of rates and durability. Our team of professionals have been providing quality plumbing work for a combined 40 years already. Equipped with immense knowledge and strategies about fixing pipes, they can surely take on whatever is thrown at them. Due to our training and vast experience, we can even share and explain to you how everything is done.

How is Pipeline Relining Done?

The only constant in the world is change – and that also applies to the most preferred pipe replacement method which is relining. Unfortunately, there are people who do not want change to take place, and as a result they would just pick the traditional method in plumbing. In the end, they lose money, as well as confidence in service providers in general. 

But if you want to discover why drain pipe relining is gaining popularity, here is a short explanation on how it is done: 

  • Receipt of inquiry from the client: The first stage in the chain is the point where the client decides to contact a service provider. Here, it is crucial that the client provides all the details pertaining to the damaged pipe. A visit would be scheduled.
  • CCTV pipe inspection conducted: A couple of trained plumbers would pay the client a visit to inspect the extent and location of the damage. Once these crucial details are acquired, the team would plan how to go through with the job.
  • Resin and liner preparation: If the plumbers and the owner decide to push through with drain pipe relining, a high pressure water jetter will be used to clean the inside of the pipe in question. The inner portion of the pipe should be completely clean so that the resin and liner will stick completely to create the new pipe. 
  • Sewer pipe relining: The liner will be soaked in a resin and inserted into the pipe. Once then resin-soaked liner is in place, an inflatable bladder will be inserted within the liner before high pressure air is blown in it. The high pressure air will expand the bladder, as well as the liner, pushing it outward until it makes contact with the old pipe’s interior. The plumbers will continue pumping air just to make sure the liner is completely stuck to the inner portion of the pipe. 
  • Final checks and warranty: After a few hours of curing, the plumbers would inspect the location of the resin using a video camera inserted into the pipe. For relining work, there is usually a 40–50-year warranty depending on the service provider. That duration of time is more than enough for peace of mind. 

Elite Merrylands Pipe Relining

Revolution Pipe Relining is among the top service providers for plumbing services especially when it comes to pipe relining in Parramatta. Our decades-long experience in the business enables us to carry out and solve any pipe or plumbing issue known to man. And like mentioned earlier, we are so confident about our expertise that we offer a 50-year warranty for our work. 

If you have a broken pipe on your own, what are you waiting for? Contact us right now and we’ll get back at you with a quotation after you give us some details about your pipe problem. Our friendly and courteous customer representatives are here to help take your worries away. 

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