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You were washing the dishes one night when you heard some strange pipe sounds below the sink, but you decided to ignore it. A few days later, and you noticed that it takes the sink slower to drain water. You walked across your backyard and noticed green patches on the ground. You thought it was nothing. Friend, in these types of situations, you better call an expert before something bad happens. 

Fortunately, we at Revolution Pipe Relining know exactly what’s going on in these instances. Our experienced team of experts just needs to make sure by conducting CCTV pipe inspection of your drain pipes. With decades of practical experience in the field, rest assured that our plumbers can solve the issue and prevent anything worse from happening. 

Noisy pipes and slower drains are usually signs of a blockage somewhere in the pipe. On the other hand, green patches on the ground usually means that there is a leak in one of the pipes, especially if that pipe is located underground. This is why these signs should be taken seriously.

Today, the more popular way to resolve these problems is pipe relining, which is a modern plumbing method. Some would argue that nothing beats the conventional ways, but we think otherwise.

Why Pipeline Relining is Better than Traditional Methods

Drain pipe relining is becoming a better option not only for household owners but also commercial property owners. That is because this plumbing technique packs a ton of benefits, especially when compared to more traditional methods in the industry. Here are some of these reasons:

  • Less Expensive – Pipe relining cost is more affordable than the usual plumbing methods in the past. Just make sure not to choose the cheapest option in the market and you will be fine. Remember, the cheapest rates paired with the best service sound too good to be true. You will see in the succeeding points why sewer pipe relining is cheaper.
  • Less Invasive – When we say invasive, this pertains to the method’s way of affecting the area. In the traditional way, more excavations are encouraged to take out the pipe, and replace it with a new one. However, that is not how it works in pipe relining in Parramatta. In this modern method, there are almost no excavations because the issue is fixed from the inside. With this kind of procedure, you would not need to worry about pipework affecting you and everyone in your home.
  • More Durable – The average lifespan of duration for pipe relining is 30-40 years. Yes you read that right. It will take almost two generations for a properly-done relining method to become damaged again. It is because of this benefit alone that more people are beginning to prefer cast iron pipe relining. As far Revolution Pipe Relining is concerned, we would like to take it a notch higher. Because our specialists pride themselves in relining work so much, we give all our clients a 50-year warranty for our work. 
  • More Efficiently Performed – Unlike traditional methods that require digging and at least three plumbers if you want to finish it in a day or two, modern ways are more efficient. Relining can be done with just a couple of highly trained plumbers, and everything can be completed in a span of hours. 

Trained Epping Pipe Relining Assistance

Are you having difficulty looking for assistance in pipe relining in Parramatta? Well in that case, it means you should start taking a few important steps. First, you have to go around your neighbourhood and ask around if they know a service provider that you can trust as well. Second, you should compare the quotes, as well as the qualities of a few firms. Some of these qualities include experience, expertise and affordability. Third, make a decision based on your findings. 

So there you have it. If you want us to check your damaged pipes and come up with a solution, then make sure to contact us right away. Our trained and courteous customer representatives are here to give assistance and help you schedule the relining procedure. Contact us today and we are sure to get back to you.


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