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Choosing the Best Pipe Relining Services in Clyde

Most of the time, pipes break when we least expect it, resulting in stress. When a pipe leaks, breaks or bursts, it should be repaired right away to avoid further inconvenience on the part of the family. Fortunately, we at Revolution Pipe Relining have been working on and solving pipe solutions for over 40 years. Our experience and expertise in pipe relining in Parramatta will surely come in handy in dealing with your current pipe situation. 

Pipe relining is one of the more modern ways for pipe repair today. Each year, more and more pipe service providers in various countries employ the benefits of this type of method. Also known as Cured-In-Place Pipe, pipe relining cost is much cheaper, more efficient, and less invasive in dealing with the problem.

Understanding the Basics of Pipeline Relining

In the past, a broken or leaking pipe would only be easy to repair if the damaged part is exposed or accessible. Unfortunately, that is not the case for pipes that are buried underground. Traditional plumbers will have to dig deep to expose the pipe and prepare it for pipe replacement procedures. However, those methods are all in the past because of pipeline relining.

For you to understand more about drain pipe relining, here is the step-by-step process:

  • CCTV Pipe Inspection – Before plumbers do anything with the pipe, a thorough inspection should first be conducted to assess the severity of the damage. This is done through a small video camera that is passed inside the pipe. Using this equipment, the plumbers will be able to assess the damage and even pinpoint its location. 
  • Preparation of Materials to be Used – Cast iron pipe relining requires a resin-filled liner that should be inserted into the pipe. However, a heavy water jetter will first be used inside the pipe in order to take away any sludge or waste. The inner portion of the pipe should be completely clean for the relining procedure to work. 
  • Relining Process – As mentioned earlier, proper preparation is necessary for the relining procedure to reach its full potential. After cleaning and scraping the inside of the pipe if necessary, the resin-filled liner will be inserted into the pipe after it reaches beyond the damaged area, an inflatable bladder will be inserted in the liner and expanded through air pressure or sometimes steam. From there the curing process begins, and everyone waits for the resin material to dry. There are a couple of ways to speed up this process – either by applying steam or by directing UV light. 
  • Checkup – After the procedure, trusted service providers make a follow up check a few days or weeks after. Then, they will conduct CCTV inspections once more and see if the resin has cured properly and that the damage has been repaired. Of course, they would also ask the client some questions in case he still encounters some signs of sewage and pipe problems such as a foul smell, pipe rumbling, and slow drains among others. 

Pipeline relining takes a lot faster to complete and may be finished in just a day. In contrast, traditional plumbing practices could take a few days to a week, depending on the excavations they needed to carry out. 

Professional Clyde Pipe Relining

As you can see, trenchless pipeline relining is the most ideal for most types of pipe issues or repairs. Our expert team of plumbers have years of experience in performing this method for our clients. And because we know we are great at our job, we offer our clients a 50-year warranty for our work. That means whatever happens with the pipe in question for the next 50 years, we will make sure to address it.

So just in case a pipe problem happens in our home, do not wait for a few days to seek professional help. Our team of courteous customer representatives are on standby and awaiting your call. We may offer quotes for the services you require upon inspection and assessment of the damaged pipe. So what are you waiting for? Contact us right away and we will do the rest of the heavy lifting.


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