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No-fuss, no mess, no-dig clogged drains solution

Can’t bloody wait to get your clogged drains fixed in this busy suburb? Def, it’s frustrating! Like many other annoying property maintenance problems, clogged drains are easier to avoid than to deal. While most of the time, it’s inevitable, there’s always a way to prevent and correct it, so you’d never have to deal with it in the future. It’s a good thing you’ve found us here. Revolution Pipe Relining can fix your clogged drain problem in a matter of hours with our pipe relining service. No-fuss, no mess, no dig.

How Pipe Relining fix clogged drains?

Clearing clogged drains are easy with Pipe Relining. The process is simplified and doesn’t require excavation, which makes the old-fashioned repair and replacement of pipe time-consuming and risky. Simple clogged drains can be dealt with straightforwardly with the right tools at home and if it has only occurred on one occasion, but if the clog is constant, not just in one fixture, it’s a situation where only pipe relining can only come to aid. The process involves only five steps to clear the blockages. The result is not only a repaired drain pipe but a brand new like replacement pipe, durable and more efficient than the old pipes, and can last up to 50-years. Check how we go about clearing clogged drains with these straightforward pipe relining approach.

  • • First, we insert a CCTV drains camera to inspect and locate the area that needs repair, including the length of the required liner.
  • • Second, we clear clog using a high-pressure water jetting machine.
  • • Third, we use a unique epoxy resin mixture to impregnate and saturate the lining material.
  • • Fourth, we insert the epoxy-saturated liner into the felt tube to take the damaged pipe’s position as the new replacement.
  • • Fifth, we check if the installation was successful by performing a final CCTV camera.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Revolution Pipe Relining is the team behind every successful relined pipe in St. Leonard. We are local experts who provide not just a quick fix but as well as a long-term solution to our customer’s clogged drain problems because we understand that it’s a situation that brings nuisance and disruption to every household and businesses. We mastered our job by experience and the training we got from the previous generation of plumbers in our family. Find out the benefits you can get when you reline with us below.

✓ Fixed quotes provided

✓ We can beat any equivalent quote for you

✓ Guaranteed durable and efficient relined pipe

✓ Up to 50-years warranty on relined sections

✓ Annual CCTV inspection to monitor our relined works

If you’re better off without water disruption in your property, speak to our team now.


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