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The best fix for your clogged drain in Northwood

Clogged drain problem is a bummer, but how would you feel about not needing to call a plumber anymore for your drain problem? No more unpleasant smell, no more clogged drain, no more tinkering your sinks to fix your finicky drain. Yes, it is possible with pipe relining. It is because of these reasons why Revolution Pipe Relining is doing business. To provide Northwood with the best fix for your clogged drains and not deal with it anymore.

How can pipe relining fix clogged drains?

Clogged drains happen when you’re not watchful on what you dump in your drain pipes. Moreso, if you have root-invaded pipes that are ordinarily the case in bushland suburbs like Northwood. Clogged drains sometimes start with a small problem but can worsen when you keep ignoring it. Pipe Relining Northwood can fix any type of drains problem, whether simple or requires extensive work. Whether involved roots or not. We’ve outlined the steps below to give you an idea of how we go about it.

  • • First, we insert a CCTV drains camera to inspect and locate the area that needs repair. Doing this will also allow us to determine the length of the liner we need for the relining.
  • • Second, we clear clog using a high-pressure water jetting machine, but in situations where root intrusion is involved, we use a cutter to initialize the cleaning process.
  • • Third, we prepare a unique epoxy resin mixture to be used to impregnate and saturate the liner.
  • • Fourth, we insert the epoxy-saturated liner into the felt tube made of fiberglass that will take the damaged pipe’s place as the new replacement.
  • • Fifth, we check if the installation was successful by performing a final CCTV camera.

Revolution Pipe Relining provides long-term customer satisfaction.

We commit to giving our customer’s not just the best fix but also satisfied customers over a long period. Our service won’t end when we completed the relining job with you. Annually, our team will see to it that the relined pipes are continuously working, and no issues have occurred. Refer below to get a glimpse of the other advantages you can get when you reline with our team.

✓ Fixed quotes provided

✓ We can beat or match any equivalent quote for you

✓ Guaranteed durable relining materials 

✓ Up to 50-years warranty on relined sections

✓ Annual CCTV inspection to monitor our relined works

If what you’re after is a drain that’s consistently working, talk to our team now how we can get started. 


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