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Naremburn, formerly known as Central Township, is a stunning addition to North Shore’s landscape. It’s a lush greenery suburb that is gaining a reputation as a marvelous place to raise a family and has noteworthy spots within proximity to appreciate mother nature. A place of this aspect implies a plumbing system that is at high risk for root intrusion. Therefore, it is highly-recommended for every property to have regular maintenance to avoid potential major plumbing issues. If clogged drains are already starting to take a toll on your plumbing now, nothing to worry. Your local Naremburn Sewer Pipe Relining expert can fix this for you.  

How Sewer Pipe Relining can fix root intrusions?

Root invasions happen when roots make their way to the pipe through small cracks. Underground pipes can be worn out from daily use, and other factors such as ground condition, chemicals flushed down the drain, and even foreign objects that are unintentionally flushed down can put pressure on the pipe walls causing it to break and provide an exit point for the water.

Using an auger and tree root removal chemical are common ways to deal with root intrusion. These methods are effective but have downsides. Roots cut with an auger will still start growing back almost immediately. On the other hand, using a chemical like copper sulfate is effective, but it creates a dead-zone for the soil and harmful effect if improperly applied. It also takes about a week before it can finally kill all the roots invading the pipes.

Sewer Pipe Relining uses a hydro-jetting machine that sends powerful water pressure to flush out root intrusions in the sewer line. Digging is not necessary or even using chemicals to replace the pipe. It’s safe and can be carried out in just a mere matter of hours.

What sets Revolution Pipe Relining apart from the others?

Our team has been in this business for 3 decades. We take our job professionally and seriously, the reason we exist this long and remained the top choice in Naremburn. We’ve outlined the factors below to provide proof of the benefit you can get when you reline with us.

✓ Up to 50 years guarantee on relined sections.

✓ We can beat or match the quote for you.

✓ The materials we used are proven durable from the UK and Germany.

✓ We provide a FREE annual CCTV inspection to monitor our works.

✓ We review the repair plan with you before work commences.

✓ Our plumbers have extensive skills and knowledge.

The list doesn’t stop there. Talk to us now at 1300-844-353 to learn how we can best help you.


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