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Is your home a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation? If yes then you should understand that aside from maintaining the structural integrity of the house, checking the pipework is also necessary. Why? That is because piping gets old and prone to damage over time. It is perfectly natural, especially if it is already a few decades to a hundred years old! But what should you do in case a pipe problem does occur within your old house? 

Do not worry because we at Revolution Pipe Relining have your back. For more than 40 years, our team of expert plumbers have provided exemplary services for both residential and commercial properties. We have what it takes to take on any drain pipe relining problem that our clients encounter. 

However, if you do not have an idea what cast iron pipe relining is and how it is done, then below are some pointers.

How is Pipeline Relining Done?

Pipe relining is often referred to as ‘trenchless’ because almost no digging is required. If the plumber can gain access to the pipe segment in question without digging anything, then that would be the priority option. So how exactly is pipe relining in Parramatta done?

  1. Inspection conducted – Upon receipt of the inquiry or request, a team of plumbers will come to your property to inspect the damaged or broken pipe. CCTV pipe inspection is conducted by inserting a camera into the pipe and checking the extent of damage, as well as its exact location. Usually, it’s at this moment when they would know how much your potential expenses would be. 
  2. Pipe and material preparation – Two things should be prepared before the actual pipe relining procedure. First would be the pipe segment where the leak or damage was observed. A high-pressure water jetter is usually used to take out any sludge or substance that may hinder the resin from sticking to the pipe. If this is not done thoroughly, there may be problems when the substance begins its curing process. The second thing to be prepared is the liner, which needs to be soaked into the pipe lining resin. This process makes sure that they adhere to the host pipe. 
  3. Pipe relining proper – Once everything is set, the plumbers will insert the liner into the pipe. Then, they would also insert an inflatable bladder inside the liner, which would then be expanded with air pressure so that the liner would take the shape of the pipe’s interior. The resin would then stick to the pipe’s inner walls, where it would cure and harden. If there is too much damage on the pipe, UV light may be applied to make the curing process faster.
  4. Final checks – After a couple of hours at most, the plumbers would check once more using the video camera if the cured resin has completely created a ‘new pipe’ within the old one. If it cured successfully, then the client can expect durability that could last for decades. No more worries for the heirloom house. 

As you can see, pipe replacement through pipe relining is straightforward and can be finished much faster than conventional plumbing techniques. 

Superior Carlingford Pipe Relining

Knowing how pipe relining works is just half the battle, the other half is actually seeking assistance from a reputable service provider. Fortunately, we at Revolution Pipe Relining are not only experienced, but experts when it comes to any blocked drain services, including sewer pipe relining. In fact, we value and pride ourselves with our work so much that we offer a 50-year warranty for our pipework. Yes, you read that right – even after a few decades, we will still be responsible for any problem that may arise resulting from sloppy work on our part. 

If you have recently been hearing strange pipe noises, smelling a foul odor, and seeing green patches in your backyard, then one or more of your pipes may need repairing. Do not wait until the problem gets worse and puts your family’s health at risk. Contact us right away, and our trusted representatives will be happy to help. They would be more than happy to explain your options and the possible rates for our services.


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