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Don't dig up and destroy your property to fix a blocked drain! use our pipe relining kings cross services today!

No sugar coating the situation! Wherever you are in Kings Cross, clogged drains are nasty. Not only it brings huge inconvenience in anyone’s property, but is also downright disgusting and introduces an odour-inducing problem for everyone. Let’s face it, it’s a nuisance that every property owner experiences that brings some health issues on the ride with them when not sorted out straight away. Lucky you if you have a plumbing system that is sophisticatedly designed to last a lifetime and robust enough to withstand every threat to the main sewer line. 

Regardless though, if your sewer line has been there for ages now, you will still likely experience clogged drains or clogged sewer pipes when it’s not properly maintained. But, nothing to worry about, Pipe Relining Kings Cross is what Revolution Pipe Relining does best and we got you covered with our Pipe Relining services.

Pipe Relining is by a great amount the most ideal, cost-effective and time-efficient solution when it comes to a recurring problem with clogged drains or clogged sewer pipes. In the process, a resin-saturated felt tube made of either fibreglass or polyester is inserted into the damaged pipe. Once the resin hardens inside, it creates a technically brand new pipe inside the old pipe without any extra cost usually associated with the traditional digging method. Easy fix! 

What’s in it for me if I decide to get my sewer pipe relined?

✔ Saves you cost and time – As the process doesn’t involve old-fashioned digging, lesser time is spent to carry out the job to completion – saves you money from spending extra on having to hire a landscapist to restore your gardens to its previous state or hire someone to fix your broken walls.

✔ Long term guarantee – The new pipe installed is of high-quality material which is designed to last up to 50 years. This means peace of mind until your good old age!

✔ Durable and lightweight – Material used is lighter compared to the old cast iron which is heavy, difficult to transport and labour-intensive to install. 


Why Sewer Reline from Revolution Pipe Relining?

Revolution Pipe Relining is the only name that Kings Cross trust when it comes to sewer pipe relining. We’ve established our name in this suburb because of the quality of service we provide, thus making us the no 1 choice for any type of plumbing needs. We are equipped with the latest advanced technology in sewer pipe relining and our plumbers do their job with total respect to our customer’s home and with excellent results. We are the only Kings Cross’ Sewer Pipe Relining company who offers “reline now, pay later” with NO interest which is a great advantage if what you after is great value for your money. Apart from that, we can beat the price quoted for you and guarantee up to 50 years on relined sections. Also, annually, we do a CCTV camera pipe inspection for FREE on the relined pipe section to ensure it’s always in good condition.

So what are you waiting, call us now at 1300-844-353 to learn more about this offer!


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