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Don't dig up and destroy your property to fix a blocked drain! use our pipe relining EASTLAKES services NOW!

Home to several parks and famous golf courses, Eastlake was Sydney’s 3rd source of water in the past 2 decades. To date, it is mostly residential with a multicultural population. What’s good in this place is its close proximity to airports, golf courses, schools, shopping centres, beaches, parks and its other neighbouring suburbs which makes Eastlake a place of a surprise package. 

If you’re looking for a licensed plumber in this full-packed place, you have come to the right place! Leaking taps, slow drain we can fix it easily for you, but when it comes to a blocked drain or damaged pipes, quick fix and DIY cleaning hardly works, and the last thing you know, you’ve induced more damage to your drain pipes or sewer pipes which will only incur you more cost than having it fixed right away the first time. Luckily you’re here because Pipe Relining Eastlakes is what Revolution Pipe Relining does best!

Drain Relining or Pipe Relining in Eastlake is famous, and this has helped the suburb a lot in terms of water rehabilitation. This may be the least of the options you’re looking at right now in fixing your recurring sewer pipe problems, but this is the only solution to keep the water flowing continuously in and out of your household without a hassle.

What can I get if I’ll decide to have my sewer pipe or drain relined?

– No messy, noisy and risky digging contrary to the traditional repair

– Worth the money as it guarantees up to 50 years life extension of your sewer pipe or drains pipes

Revolution Pipe Relining’s core advantage?

– 24/7 Emergency service. We serve on the same day of contact. This will give you peace of mind knowing that we’re only a call away any time of the day.

– On-time, every time. We deliver what we promise because we value our customer’s time.

– Total repair solution at first visit. We take high regard to our customer’s time and convenience and we see it that we’re able to fix any plumbing issues right off the bat.

– Fully stocked with advanced tools and technology. We take pride in the quality of the materials, tools, and technology that we use, from CCTV drain camera, to the jetting machine, and to the pipe relining equipment and products (made in Germany & UK) at our disposal fully stocked in our vehicle every time we’re out to service.

– Free annual CCTV inspection. Unlike our competitors, our goal is not just to provide a one time service, but a long-term relationship with our customers. This will give you confidence that your sewer pipes or drains continuously work at all times!

– Local experts in drain relining and sewer pipe relining. Locally owned and operated in Eastlake, we have been servicing the suburbs for a long time so you can trust that we know what we are doing!

– No hidden extra cost. We don’t take advantage of our customer’s misfortune, regardless of the hours it takes to fix the problem. Whatever is quoted to you, that’s fixed!

– 50-year guarantee. Our Pipe Relining System has been used in different households, apartment blocks, shopping centres, factories, the list doesn’t end there with a guaranteed 15-25 years longer than other relining companies in Eastlake.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t settle for a temporary fix, call us now to book for a CCTV drain inspection at 1300-844-353.


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