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Inversion Pipe Relining Videos - Revolution Pipe Relining

Inversion Pipe Relining Sydney, Australia. 2x Boundary Traps to the Main – Revolution Pipe Relining

Wondering what goes on during inversion relining? Let the Revolution Pipe Relining Team show you what goes on and how we do it at a shopping centre in Sydney CBD.

Here, our team will conduct inversion relining 2 x boundary traps to the boards main, cutting out the trap junction with our robotic cutter, then reinstate the re-flux valves. This job was easy for the team, yet it was a race against time because we had to do the job overnight and make sure the sewerage system is back up and running before the shopping centre opens in the morning.

Why Choose Revolution Pipe Relining Pty Ltd?

Simple! We are revolutionising the Plumbing industry! Not only do we permanently fix your broken drains, but we do it without digging a hole and destroying your beautiful garden or property.

On top of this modern service, some of them are:
– 50 Year Guarantee on relined sections
– Complimentary Annual Drain Camera Inspection.
– We Can Beat Any Comparable Quote.
– Products Made In Germany, The UK, or France.
– Free Quotes Sydney Wide
– Preferred Pipe Relining Company For Most Sydney Plumbers.

For more information on our company and services, visit To chat with us or organise a free quote, please contact us on 1300 844 353.

Trenchless Pipe Relining Method Before & After – Northern Beaches of Sydney


Our Revolution Pipe Relining guys, Chris, Darrell, Dan, Rory, and Matt, are up for another job to help solve a client’s long-time blocked drain issue. Without disrupting, the client’s beautifully landscaped garden and driveway, the team used top-of-the-line products from Europe and permanently fixed this client’s problem with our Super-Flex and Blue Magic Resin, which comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

If you are based in Sydney and are thinking of getting trenchless pipe relining, tap us for more information and book a free inspection. We’ll guarantee an honest and professional opinion.

Trenchless Pipe Relining is best when your sewer or stormwater pipes are:

– BELOW a building, driveway, pool, pond, road, footpath, stairs, landscaped garden, fence, etc.
It is very deep under the ground when it would be risky to dig or take a very long time.
– Close to something structural like a building, retaining wall, or fence where digging up the pipes might be dangerous or damaging.

The best way to logically make the decision is to ask yourself, “Is digging up and destroying all above the pipes going to be cheaper or worth all the hassle?” For example, suppose the pipes are running under an expensive driveway. In that case, landscaped garden and the street like in this video are digging up, destroying all to replace the pipes, fixing the garden, driveway, and road going to be cheaper or more convenient? In this case, the simple answer is NO.

Please contact us or organise a free Trenchless Pipe Relining quote: 1300 844 353 or

How To Permanently Repair a Blocked Drain So Tree Roots Can’t Grow Back


Revolution Pipe Relining Team is back in action! Our team is permanently fixing a blocked drain to ensure that roots will never grow into the sewer line ever again through a technique called Pipe Relining at a townhouse complex in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

With Pipe Relining, we create a pipe within the old pipe using top-of-the-line products made in Germany, The UK, or France. The best part is… No destructive excavation of your beautiful landscape or driveway can save you a renovation cost of around $1000 of the excavated portion.

Goodbye, tree-root-infested pipes! Hello, smooth and seamless PVC pipes.


We are successfully relining pipes to this typical day in, day out. If you would like your sewer pipes to function as good as these and never block up again, book in a free consultation and we will come to film your drain and work out the best plan for you. Our contact details are listed below.

If you have an ongoing problem with your sewer blocking up with tree roots and would like a permanent solution, then pipe relining is the best long-term option and can generally be done with no excavation. The pipes are running under something expensive like a house, driveway, pool, or the street in many cases. So instead of destroying all about the pipe, reline it!

Here are the processes in the video broken down into minutes:

00:00 – Picote was cut to prepare the surface for pipe relining.
00:07 – Mixing the Resin and preparing the liner.
00:48 – Setting up the inversion drum and installing the liner.
3:18 – Pipe relined, see how it looks. (Must watch from here until the end)

For more information on our company and services visit:

To chat with us or organise a free quote, please contact us on 1300 844 353 or

Stormwater Pipe Relining Sydney (Before & After)


In Stormwater, Sydney, our Revolution Pipe Relining Team is up for another case where the client’s pipe is in horrible condition but has been quickly transformed into a beautifully relined pipe.

The client’s damaged pipe had missing sections, gigantic holes, and large cracks throughout. Luckily, our pipe relining technique was conducted using only high-quality Australian WaterMark Approved Delta Liner and Australian WaterMark Approved Blue Magic Epoxy Resin. It would have prevented a potential total collapse, which could have damaged the client’s newly renovated terrace house in the Inner West of Sydney.

To find out more about pipe relining and how we can help you, visit our website or call us 1300 844 353.

Boundary Trap Pipe Relining in the Eastern Suburbs


In the eastern suburbs of Sydney, the men of Revolution Pipe Relining worked on a 150mm boundary trap severely affected by tree roots and had a massive hole in its bottom. Luckily, the team could reline using high-quality Australian WaterMark Approved Magmaflex Liner with Blue Magic epoxy resin, the only structural liner and the strongest option available in Australia.

Find out more about our services at, or you can call our friendly team at 1300 844 353.

Inversion Pipe Relining Landing on a Perfect Junction Patch


Watch Revolution Pipe Relining Co-owner Darrell and Dan conduct an inversion pipe relining and land it on a perfect junction patch using Delta Liner and Blue Magic Exposy Resin. Then, with our Mini Box and calibration tube, the liner is sent into the drain via the Inversion Drum. The resin cures faster by circulating hot water through our calibration tube with a diesel boiler and circulation pump.

If you’re sick of your long-time troublesome blocked drains in Sydney, worry no more! Sign up for a free inspection here:

Outstanding Pipe Relining Services in North Shore

Pipe Relining North Shore! In this video, we have used Australian WaterMark approved Delta Liner and Green Hot Cure Epoxy Resin to reline sewer pipes in the North Shore of Sydney. This is backed by our lifetime guarantee of 50 Years! It’s safe to say our customer will never have a blocked drain caused by tree roots again.

STRATA Pipe Relining Sydney | Revolution Pipe Relining

Here is the before & after video of a STRATA pipe relining job we did in the Lower North Shore of Sydney.

We performed the following tasks:
– Continuous Inversion Pipe Relining for 22 Meters in MAGMAFLEX LINER.
– 3 x Junction Cuts with an IMS Robotic Cutter
– 1 x Fibreglass Junction Patch
– Ground Out Bad Step in Pipe With Robotic Cutter
– Installed thin realignment Patch + Pipe Replacement

The clients we very happy with the service we provided and left a 5-star review! See below:

“On behalf of the Strata committee thank you for such a great job. Your guys kept the worksite very clean & tidy throughout the job & at the finish. The fact that to date we have had no complaints & people on the committee have commented how clean a job site you had is a testament to your good work ethic.
I was talking to the Director of Jamesons Strata today & said what a great job you did & I have forwarded your name to him. I will also email our strata plumber & thank him for your recommendation.
All the best to you & your staff & happy to recommend you to anyone else”

Pipe Relining Process From Start to Finish + Before & After Video of a Perfectly Relined Sewer Pipe

In this video, you will see a day in the life of Revolution Pipe Relining performing the inversion pipe relining process from start to finish. This is the preferred method when a drain has multiple problems and requires a long continuous section of pipe to be permanently repaired via a no-dig solution. At this property, we excavated a small access hole in the garden, relined 13 metres of badly broken and tree root affected sewer pipe, cut out 5 Junctions with an IMS Robotic Cutter (not seen in the video) and installed 2 Structural Fibreglass Junction Patches. We can confidently say this drain will NEVER, EVER block again! Our team is highly experienced with Pipe Relining in Sydney, we are specialists in this industry and reline drains on a daily basis. When trying to choose a company to reline your drains, make sure you choose a specialist who is doing this every day.

Sewer Pipe Relining | Revolution Pipe Relining

In this video, we have performed Sewer Pipe Relining on a badly cracked, leaking, tree root affected terracotta drain. This sewer drain is now permanently repaired with MAGMAFLEX Liner and guaranteed to have no issues for 50 Years! If you are facing similar issues and would like a free quote, call Revolution Pipe Relining on 1300 844 353.

PVC Pipe Relining Through Multiple Bends | Revolution Pipe Relining

PVC Pipe Relining Through Multiple Bends. This pipe is located on a steep block of land and is running between large trees. Ground movement has put pressure on the PVC joints and caused them to break, this allowed tree roots to enter the pipeline causing multiple sewer blockages. The pipe is now permanently repaired and will never block again. This job was in Bayview on the Northern Beaches. The Northern Beaches is part of our free inspection area so please contact us on 1300 844 353 to book an inspection.

Pipe Relining Inner West | Revolution Pipe Relining

In this video we relined a badly broken sewer drain in the Inner West of Syndey. This drain ran under a tree, the neighbour’s fence and to a boundary trap in the neighbour’s property, digging was not an option in this situation! Safe to say it is now permanently repaired and will never have a tree root blockage again. We are a family owned company and service the entire Inner West region, we are regularly pipe relining or clearing blocked drains in this beautiful part of Sydney.

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