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How to get away from blocked drain problems this summer

  1. Experts recently warned of climate change and its tendency to exhibit extreme conditions than ever before – that means, without any forecast, there is a great chance it could be a wet or rainy, dry or normal summer this year. Whatever it is, it’s important to get your drains ready for whatever mother nature may bring to avoid plumbing mishaps. 

    We’ve rounded up guides to steer you clear of blocked drain repairs this summer and even all year round, and how to spot signs of potential drain issues.

  1. Common red flags of a blocked drain

  • Water taking time to drain – Drains that just stubbornly refuse to do its job could be an indication of a partial obstruction in the pipes. This could be caused by a buildup of debris, hair, soap scum, or other materials. Turning a blind eye on a partially blocked drain may make you end up with a complete blockage, resulting in standing water and potential flooding in your home. So, if you notice this problem comes up, call a blocked drain professional right away to clear the clogs. It would also be a good decision to get them to inspect the entire drain line to see other potential future clog problems.
  1. Gurgling sounds from pipes – The presence of gurgling sounds from your drains often signals an imminent blockage. When water reaches an obstructed section within the pipes, it creates air bubbles, resulting in the distinct gurgling noise.
  1. These sounds are more noticeable when several plumbing fixtures are used concurrently, like running a dishwasher while someone showers. If this is not addressed right away, the issue can potentially endanger the integrity of the pipe and result in a more expensive repair cost.
  3. Foul odours around drains – Nasty smells coming from your drains is another obvious indicator of a blocked drain. When debris accumulates and water stagnates within the pipes, bacteria thrive, producing foul odours. If you notice the smell is persistent, it’s essential to address the issue promptly to prevent further buildup and potential health hazards.
  1. Overflowing toilets – If you find the water rising to the rim or overflowing onto the floor when you’re flushing the toilet, you’re more likely to have a blocked drain somewhere. It could be in the toilet or the main sewer line. To avoid ending up with wastewater spreading throughout your home, contact Revolution Pipe Relining for prompt and reliable blocked drain repair in Sydney right away. We can also do a CCTV camera drain inspection to exactly pinpoint where the blockage could be and if there’s more to it than just a clog.
  1. Now that we’ve covered the common red flags of a blocked drain or blocked sewer, let’s discuss some tips that can help prevent blockages from forming in the first place.
  1. How to get away from blocked drain problems

  1. Be mindful of garbage disposals: If you’re planning for house party this summer, make sure your guest knows the rules about refraining from dumping food waste that will only harm your garbage disposals and trigger clogs in your drain, like watermelon, egg shells, corn cob, and greasy barbie leftovers. Dispose of these items in the trash to prevent clogs, not just in summer but year-round.
  3. Monitor laundry for lint buildup: Summer activities often result in more laundry and potential lint buildup in drains. Keep watch while doing laundry, ensuring hoses aren’t kinked, and use lint screens on drain hoses to prevent blockages. Fabric experts say using fabric conditioners reduces lints from building up in the drain. So keep that in mind when washing clothes.
  5. Use caution when flushing items: With increased toilet usage during summer, especially if you’ve invited guests over, refrain from flushing non-dissolvable items in the toilet. If you could, flush toilet paper only to a bare minimum. Some brands don’t just dissolve easily and can only ball up, trap other waste materials and cause massive clogs in your drain. It would also be good to keep a plunger handy for minor clog mishaps and seek professional assistance if problems persist.
  7. Consider CCTV drain inspections: Summer’s high activity levels demand top-notch plumbing. During the extremely dry season, tree roots may make their way into sewer lines to find sources of water and create massive clogs. Tree roots are greatest threats to sewer line blockages, so maintain a well-watered garden and opt for a CCTV drain inspection to detect potential root-related problems. It’s always better to stop something from happening than deal with it.
  9. Blockages are a nuisance year-round, not just during summer but often can be avoided. However, persistent issues should prompt a call to a blocked sewer drain or blocked sewer pipe professionals like Revolution Pipe Relining.
  11. Ensuring your plumbing is summer-ready is crucial to avoid unwanted expenses and emergency repairs. Prevention through preparation and timely professional assistance can make you get away from major plumbing problems. So, call our team now to see how we can help towards a clog free house this summer and all year round!